Meeting Minutes Apr 2009

Connecticut Citizen’s Defense League, INC
Meeting minutes, Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Scott called meeting to order.
Group said Pledge of Allegiance (19:24)

Intro of New members

Intro of previous members

Minutes from previous meeting read by Jason
Motion to accept minutes made by Susan, 2nd by Jay (19:30)

Bennett mentioned that his name has two(2) “T’s”
Minutes voted on
Passed unanimously

Jay spoke as treasurer
t-shirts sold – paid $168 to make 18 t-shirts, took in $180 selling them before the meeting started
$12 on account from sale of t-shirts, extras are available
Elk’s lodge fees for 1st meeting paid for by Scott and Jay
2nd meeting paid for by Susan and Lenny
Lenny was not present, is in the hospital
Motion to accept Treasurer’s report made by Bennett, 2nd by Susan

Motion to take a short break made by Susan, 2nd by Bennett

Old Business

Open Nominations
Bennett nominates Scott for interim President, 2nd by Susan
Susan mentioned it would be better to make the interim official positions 6 months instead of two
months because there would be a filing fee for every change made to our registration
paperwork, this discussion was tabled until later on in the meeting Group voted, unanimously
chose Scott as interim President

Greg nominated as Secretary
Greg was absent, but group decided that we could vote him in anyways because he had already accepted the nomination at the previous meeting
Motion to nominate Greg as Secretary by Bennett, 2nd by Jay

Jay nominated as Treasurer
Motion to nominate Jay as Treasurer by Mike, 2nd by Susan

Congrats to all elected officers

All other Old business mentioned as noted in the agenda, Jay mentioned that he would order
more t-shirts.

5 minute break, Jay sold some more t-shirts

Scott called the meeting back to order, talked about staying committed to the group to get
it off the ground

New Business
1. Strike agenda item to vote on interim Board postions, already done
2. Motion to discuss Incorporation status by Susan, 2nd by Bennett.

Susan: is our website, in addition to
Discussed information necessary to fill out the Certificate of Incorporation form for the
State of CT.
-Our goal is to be a professional organization, so we need to incorporate
-cannot get tax exempt status
-we have to register with the State
-we will need this for a tax ID in order to open a bank account.
-in order to do this we need:
Can’t use CCDL, already taken
Motion by Susan to name the group Connecticut Citizen’s Defense League, INC. 2nd by Bennett
Passed, unanimously
Options are 1. No members, 2. only members who can’t vote, 3. one class of members, or
4. multiple classes of members

Susan recommended option 4, multiple classes of members, with 3 classes:

Voting members
Non-voting members

Bennett, recommended defining non-voting members, this was tabled to a later date, to be
included in the by-laws
Susan motioned to take option 4, with 3 classes of members, 2nd by Bennett

Susan discussed Registered Agent
a registered agent will be the party responsible for maintaining all legal documents,
address will be on file with the State
Bennett stated that Registered Agent (RA) could be hired, did not have to be one of the
members of the group
Ryan stated that his company, 3Prime, could serve as RA for $20 per year

Eric from Enfield arrived and introduced himself

Scott called for a 5 minute break so Ryan could verify with his business partner that it
was OK to serve as RA

Meeting called back to order (20:32)
Jay informed us that he had spoken with Greg and that he had regretfully declined the
nomination as Secretary
Scott asked to suspend discussion on Incorporation to discuss the interim position
Alex nominated Robert, 2nd by Mike
Jay nominated Susan, Susan declined
Robert accepted nomination
All voted, passed unanimously (20:38)

Congrats to Robert

Back to Incorporation Discussion

We must have a Mission Statement to file State papers
Group has reached a consensus through online discussions
Susan read Mission Statement
Group discussed Mission Statement for possible changes
Eric made motion to alter language in the statement, group discussed, Eric withdrew motion
Bennett made motion to alter language, +”keep and bear arms” Jason 2nd motion
Susan Read altered Mission Statement
Passed unanimously (20:49)

Susan went over the second State Document, Organization and First Report Form, having to do with the Registered Agent
Susan mentioned that she has a fireproof safe and was willing to be the RA
Ryan made motion for Susan to be RA, 2nd by Bennett
Passed unanimously, Susan is Registered Agent

Susan declared that $65 was needed to file all paperwork with the State
Susan made motion to accept all discussion pertaining to State forms, 2nd by Mike
Passed unanimously (20:59)

Jay, as Treasurer, made motion to conduct a fund collection for $65 needed for State forms, 2nd by Mike
Donations made by members

Motion to table Membership forms made by Robert, 2nd by Bennett

Motion to table Web Hosting made by Susan, 2nd by Bennett

Motion to table By-Laws discussion made by Susan, 2nd by Marcie

Motion to extend interim officers from 2 to 6 months made by Susan, 2nd by Marcie
Passed 21:06)

Susan suggested having a 4th of July event for the CCDL group

Susan made motion to close the meeting, 2nd by Bennett

Meeting ended at 21:09.