Starting Up A State-Wide Gun Rights Organization Is Not Easy

When myself and other individuals met in person for the first time in February this year (2009) for dinner, some camaraderie and hopefully to see where we could take the foundation from that evening , I had no idea by June (5 months), we would have secured a central meeting location, formed an interim standing committee, elected interim officers, coordinated a number of organizational meetings, opened a Facebook page, built a web-site, created membership forms, written numerous drafts of by-laws, become incorporated, opened a PO Box, open a bank account, and started to look towards long term goals of this organization.

(Which to me means tormenting our legislators to write favorable pro-firearm legislation)

So far it seems like a blurr the way the time so far has blown by. But then looking back on this past months report that I had written for our Committee Meeting, And on what was accomplished to move the CCDL Organization forward towards our next phase, and knowning how hard other members and myself have worked, and their many contributions, I cannot help but smile with satisfaction on our achievements thus far.

Many thanks are owed to the VCDL for being a source of inspiration and some guidance. Thanks are also certainly in order to be given to OPENCARRY.ORG for facilitating our meeting up with each other online in the first place. “OC” also allowed us to utilize their CT forum as a mechanism to meet and debate many aspects of the Organization.

Many, many thanks are also owed to the hard work and dedication from all CCDL members that continue to believe in our cause and the ability for us to effect “real change” in not only our rights with respect to firearms, but to how gun owners and gun ownership in general may be viewed in the future by citizens of this beautiful State Of Connecticut.


Carry On Everybody!


Scott Wilson Sr.

President CCDL, Inc.

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Meeting Minutes Jun 2009

CCDL Meeting Minutes – June 9, 2009


19:15 Meeting called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance

19:15 Opened with Scott providing the presidents report

            The report was available on hardcopy and doesn’t need to be retyped

19:18 MTA Ira/Susan accepted unanimously

19:19 Reading of the minutes of last months meeting by Robert

          MTA Lenny/Susan  accepted unanimously

19:31 Treasurers report by Scott on behalf of Jay

Bank account has been opened (Peoples bank) Signatories are doing paperwork. $25 deposited by Scott.

Tee Shirt order arrived Ira/Susan have the shirts

Balance of $302 minus $261 for the shirts


19:33 Registered Agent report by Susan

Forms have been signed $51 fees and expedited services

PO box opened in Groton $30 per 6 months, 2 keys deposit $2 one key given to Scott, Susan has the other.  Po Box 642 Groton, CT 06340

Susan needs meeting minutes and spreadsheet of finances after each meeting (Robert/Jay)

Word Docs (within 2 days) preferred.

Quicken for finance sheet?  Excel at the moment?

Rick, (Susans’ son) offered hosting (free forever) and help with web design and setup

Charges for Brownies at meetings, good idea. $1 or so Per Person

Receipt to Scott for P.O. Box fees, pamphlet with hours of access.


19:38 MTA Virginia/Lenny 

19:40 Web Hosting from Virginia

Virginia will work with Rick and will call him tomorrow

Opensource web creation software was used

Has a demo site with a home page,  about us, mission, links pages

Integrate paypal for donation and merchandise purchases

Paypal hits the vendor with a 2% fee but will deposit to the bank account.

Question regarding tax collection, Susan said she will look into clothing under $50 being tax free in CT.  Perhaps change the charge for shirts to a donation with a tee-shirt thrown in?


19:43 MTA Susan/Nick Unanimous

19:44 AD-Hoc report from Ira

Different membership classes, officers, voting rights.

2 classes, exec board, and general membership

exec members have voting privileges (vote on officers) gen membership no vote

To maintain control and vision of the organization and stay on track (hostile takeover avoidance).

Exec members would be founders, early meeting attenders, constant attendees, over and above contributors, volunteerism, vision of organization, server on sub-committees, donations of time or money.  Not limited to just the original members, above and beyond recognition (time, legislative front, public events) nominated and voted on to be brought in.

Regular members attend meetings, keep the vision, dues, not able to donate more time etc just attendees.  Meeting attendance could be waived for significant efforts to the group.


Comparisons to VCDL’s governance – exclusions to officer/exec members not gone into, questions to Ira.

Impress nominations and accept – higher expectation of volunteers


19:52 MTA Mike/Justin (not Jason)

Lenny appreciated the report

Scott – 5 hour meeting and discussion (VCDL and membership classes etc and food)

Founders made perm exec members to maintain the integrity

Susan – Hope to ratify the bylaws in September

Voting on things for everyone until bylaws at which point only the exec board can vote.

Scott – Need to step up for helping out, need to find sympathetic lawyers etc.


20:00 vote to accept, unanimous

20:00 Motion to take a 10 minute break Virginia/Lenny


Ed Peruta discussed his investigation of the statutes regarding permits versus eligibility certificates and believes (as does his friend Chief Cetran) that this “loophole” may be able to afford permit seekers to get the fingerprint/background done by the DPS instead of locals and the onus of the background check would be on DPS not the local police and all they need to do is cough up the town permit which is then turned into the state permit.


20:29 Meeting back to order

Old business

Discuss membership forms, moved to the next meeting

Website build by Virginia

Table the discussion of the picnic

Table the discussion of article 4

(Ed Peruta distributed the “new” form for DPS )

Motion to discuss PO Box (accomplished)

Motion to discuss Bank Account  (accomplished)

Virginia is going to pick up her temp permit tomorrow and turn it into a state permit

Ed suggested turning both things in (and get an eligibility certificate as well)


20:33 Motion 1 to discuss article 3 revision

Justin – finances, registered agent provided with information within 48 hours (subsec E)

Justin can email details

Dues – previously dues were not required, now dues shall be $20 for year 2009, can be amended by exec committee.

20:35 MTA Ira/Lenny



20:40 Voted on, passed unanimously


MT Discuss Article 4 revisions Justin.

Membership classes (2)  exec – eligible to vote, gen membership non voting.

Ed didn’t like it

20:41 MTA Ed/Lenny

Discussion exec collectively could have 2 votes, gen members collectively have 1 vote.  Could break a tie, couldn’t take over the vote (Ed suggested that this would give the gen membership a vote).

Ira discussed other boards he had been on, membership heavy and attendance light.

20:45 Heated discussion regarding voting rights or lack thereof for general members.

20:51 Hostile board can’t be controlled by membership

75% general membership present can override the board

20:55 Big enough issue 75% of the gen membership have to show up to vote (quorum).

20:57 MTA section 4 as it stands and come up with a clause to amend the bylaws IRA/Ed

20:57 carried unanimous

Article 5? Long section

20:58 MTT article 5 Ed/Ira  unanimous

table picnic discussion

Lenny makes a motion to strike the issue regarding non-open carry at the Elks per Bob.

Scott drafting a letter on our letterhead to our entire legislature to feel them out regarding their stance on 2A.

21:03 Motion to close Ira/Steve unanimous

Ed distributed new DPS forms for Eligibility Certificates to all that wanted them.


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