Radio Interview 8/28/09

Listen to our very own talking about the CCDL on the radio. Scott Wilson, Jeremy Newman, and Lenny Benedetto spent some time with Lee Elci of WXLM 104.7 in New London, CT on Friday, August 28, 2009.




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About Us

A Welcome From Connecticut Citizens Defense League To Our New Members

This letter will explain why CCDL was founded, and the mission we intend to fulfill.


After a lot of behind the scenes preliminary work from the founding members and others who came on board shortly after our first several meetings, we have chosen a direction based on voluntary action through “hands on” participation. Additionally, following much debate, we have decided to rely on voluntary financial contributions.


If we are to grow toward our vision, we will need ideas, input and, above all, involvement from everyone at every level.  All ideas submitted during meetings are debated in committee and a consensus is then reached on future organizational structure.  We encourage everyone to attend general meetings to get a feel for how they are conducted and offer your comments.  Fresh input will be essential to becoming an effective state-wide organization commenting on issues concerning Connecticut firearms statutes.


Over the next several months, we will be asking for and identifying volunteers as committee heads to begin developing the guidelines we will use to achieve these goals:

  1. To begin a dialog with members of the Connecticut Legislature to ensure our views on firearms rights are clearly communicated.
  2. To convey contact information to members regarding laws our legislators may be introducing which could hinder or further our rights concerning firearms… The membership will then be requested to email, call or write their legislators to offer their positions on the language being proposed.
  3. To develop plans for public gatherings at appropriate locations deemed necessary to convey our message. (local and out of state)
  4. To carry the message gun ownership is a right given all citizens, in good standing, of this State.  We want the public to know it is also a right for all citizens to be responsible for and prepared to defend their lives and liberty if needed.


As CCDL grows, and we accumulate knowledge, expertise and wisdom, the “welcome message” included in this statement, will surely evolve.


It is not enough for the gun owners of Connecticut to rely solely on national organizations to defend our rights in this State. We have to become a vocal, visible and responsible organization to promote the benefits of firearms ownership to the people who may be indifferent to the rights and responsibilities we have as citizens of a magnificent free society. Please join us and become a supportive member of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League.


Carry On!


Scott Wilson Sr.

President .

CCDL, Inc.

Archived Newsletters

Archived Newsletters

Newsletters sent to members


Meeting Minutes Aug 2009

CCDL Inc Meeting minutes      August 11, 2009


19:08 Meeting called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance

Introductions for new members and current members


19:10 Presidents report – Ad Hoc meeting results, Picnic discussions, Welcome letter for the website.


19:11 MTA Virginia/Lenny – unanimous

19:13 Secretary report – read

19:24 MTA Lenny/Heli – accepted with 1 abstention

19:25 Treasurers report Jay

            $174 in donations

            3 X $15 Tee-shirts sold

            Incoming $1296

            Spent   $826 with 35 transactions

            Balance $470

            Bank cards arrived – one to president one to secretary

            Checks arrived, generic, no guns on them.

Tee-shirts are for sale and more are on order (version 2)

19:27 MTA Justin/Virginia – unanimous

19:28 Registered Agent report – Susan

AdHoc discussions Logo, Trademark ($50)

Scott agreed to eat the $50 trademark re-filing fee if the logo minus the ‘inc’ is rejected.

19:30 AdHoc web-hosting – Virginia

Issues moving from GoDaddy to Rick’s servers, may have to be moved by hand and then once the site is ported over get the DNS link changed to point at Rick’s server.

Looking for letters, forms, other content and pages with nothing will be under construction.  Wording needs buttoning up on the pages, etc.

Lenny described how CCDL.US domain was purchased/registered and put on a temporary site.  He also talked about signs and the stand he made and donated to the cause.

19:33 Bylaws discussion – Justin

Article V – positions, organizational governance

Article III financial section 4 changed regarding dues

Subsection D dues set by executive board each year based on the needs of the org, voluntary dues accepted, annual membership dues posted to the website as approved by the board, no dues for the first year of existence.

If the organization does well with good voluntary help then we may not need to have to “charge” dues. Contributions are welcome especially in the form of talents.

Article VI Election procedures- no change, vacancies covered, 7-C Executive board resignations must be in writing.

Article VII  – Elections and campaigns.

Section 1 executive appointee to local and state campaigns can’t be executive chair of the committee

Section 2 Campaign Report of volunteering opportunities to the general membership

Section 3 Work with exec board for official CCDL endorsements of candidates (vague)

Section 4 Qualifications for endorsements are by position on 2Amendment and Art 4 Section 15 of Conn. Constitution, political parties are not endorsed, Subsec C we also reserve the right to withhold any endorsement at all if none of the candidates are worthy of such an endorsement.


19:39 MTDiscuss Ira/Nick

Discussion of Article 6-5 grammatical issues, gender, etc.

19:42 Accepted unanimously


Article IIX Disciplinary procedures.

Section 1 – An executive committee member shall be removed for any of the following infractions, Violation of the CCDL charter, Dishonesty, Negligence, Impeding the progress of the CCDL, Collusion, becoming a prohibited person with regard to firearms, Section 2 impeachment proceedings subject to a vote with ½ of the exec committee or a 2/3 vote of the general members.

Section 3 the impeached has the right to present a defense to the charges at the next meeting.

Section 4 removal from the exec committee requires a majority consensus from the committee members or a 2/3 consensus of the general members at the meeting

Section 5  – officers impeached will never be allowed to hold an officer position in the CCDL again.


MTA Susan/Nick


Article IIX – discussion regarding eligibility back and forth between US, USA, The United States as to what would cause one to be ineligible to be on the board.  “Throughout the entire US” was the agreed upon wording.


19:51 voted accepted unanimously


Andrew talked about article 5 8-18c negligence or incompetent


His versus His or Her, versus Their remove gender neutral and use the generally accepted “his” to be gender insignificant with a disclaimer in front


MTA ??/??   For 11 Opposed 4


Amendments:  Constitution may be amended by a 2/3 of the board majority

Changes would be posted for 30 days review period

Listed in article IX

Adopt the constitution and abide by it

19:58 MTA Nick/Lenny accepted unanimous


19:59 Jay – activities picnic

September 4th 2 days before Labor day

Need equipment, need everything

Boothe Memorial Park in Stratford

Need to check availability and reserve (Lenny)

Get the info/date out to FB

Good area for kids, playground


20:03 Break

20:22 Back to order

20:23 Old Business

Membership forms

Article 5 revisions


$50 trademark fee

Dues vs contributions


Table sponsored trash pickup adopt a highway.


20:26 New Business

New constitution

Required to post for 30 days for review

Motion to Post bylaws Susan (withdrawn)

Email to membership, and facebook

20:28 Ira suggested the post for 30 days then a vote straight up/down at the next meeting, binding vote and a straight majority.

Concerns about posting the bylaws, VCDL doesn’t post their bylaws either for the safety of the organization.

20:29 MTA Ira/Justin – unanimous


Scott – Volunteers for picnic on the 5th  September – sheet sent around.

Call for donations

Picnic, low key

No press

BJ’s card (Robert has one)

Suspended discussion on Picnic.



20:45 Future plans

Pictures taken by Jay

20:55 Youtube channel suggested by Heli, content, safety tips, legal tips

20:58 MT create Heli/Ira  Youtube channel accepted unanimous


Introduced Christian who was invited to the original Hops dinner but was unavailable

Introduced Charles, his skills regarding politics, non profits, experience, CT Chapter of Alarm and Muster keeps track of anti firearms laws on the state and federal level and mobilizes 2A supporters to call their reps, useful to get people activated.


Adhoc meeting discussions, late nights, long drives, bologna sandwiches

Proposed days not Wednesday, Tuesday 19th or 20th, Thursday

Monday 17th in Norwich at Ira/Susans palace 7pm can handle 8 attendees.


21:10 MT Close Susan/Nick

Call for donations, Lenny’s hat.

21:12 Meeting closed