Meeting Minutes Nov 2009

CCDL Inc Meeting minutes      November 10, 2009


19:02 Meeting called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance



(Removed from the minutes for online publishing)


19:03 Introductions – New member Chris from Wethersfield, Existing members.

19:04 Elections for officer positions, speeches (officiated by Justin O’Neal)

Scott    President          Voting              Elected

Lenny   Vice President  Voting              Elected

Jay       Treasurer          Voting              Elected

Justin    Secretary          Voting              Elected


19:11  Reading of the presidents report (Scott)

Cards distributed to several gun shops

Spoke at network for change meeting Rocky Hill

Ye Connecticut Gun Guild show for National 2nd amendment march information

Updated webmaster with info

Declaratory ruling sent to DPS regarding fees on applications and extra info


Secretary report

Treasurers report $783, in>$1,000, spent less than that, Balance $1090

Comments?  None.

No Registered Agent report

19:13 Webmasters report (Virginia)

Articles, Emails, $236.09 – fees transferred to Checking acct via Paypal – donations

212 members on web site

47 new members

No spam or email delivery (issues) so far

New menus for suggestions and discussion

Picnic video posted to CCDLINC’s youtube page.


19:15 Twitter update – emails get twittered.

Email accounts for officers and committee chairs to be created etc.

19:16 Marketing – Lenny attended meetings, deployed cards, created exec member cards paid for by individual not organization

19:18 Open forum – Agenda

Discussed Tee Shirts online availability

Gun shop card/placard placement and reports must go to Lenny

Upcoming proposed DPS legislation

Legislators come to talk to CCDL organization

Question regarding permit applications (and extra content)

Cheryl – Presence at Friends of the NRA dinners in 2010

Donate tee shirt to the raffles

Table at the dinners for Nutmeg and Danbury

Adam – talk to dinner arranger regarding CCDL banner, rotate banner to state functions

Steve said Friends of NRA is not the NRA and contributions are tax deductible

19:26 Judy discussed 1oz silver rounds with CCDL imprints

Car magnets discussion, large cash outlay hard to recoup

Brochures to be printed up and given out regarding gun laws and CCDL

19:28 Heli – Focus on things to bring us exposure, radio, interviews, tv, etc.

19:29 Break


19:41 New business

Tee shirts

Online sales – shipping (3rd party Tee-shirt printer could do it for a price)

Café Press – quality issues (full bleed screen printing, not as nice)

Polo Shirts CCDL logo embroidery?

Paypal versus Gunpal (Paypal/Ebay is not gun friendly)

19:46 Gunshop teams – place cards/placards, card-holders – tell Lenny

Protocol to meet store owners, CCDL Teeshirt, encourage membership, staff etc.

Links to gunshops that support us we will link to as a friend of CCDL

Adam wants email of placard so he can print and laminate himself

10:52 Corporate sponsorship? Gun manufacturers suggested by Judy

19:54 Kevin coordinating 2A march in Hartford on Saturday April 10, 2010 1-3pm

empty holster carry?  No guns on capitol grounds (North)

Saturday Nov 21-22 YCGG Show.  Flyers to hand out and information

Elks lodge in Windsor

Sell CCDL Shirts

Washington 2A march on April 19th 2010.

19:58 Steve L. Offered up help with gun clubs he is familiar with in Route 8 valley area.

Public Relations coordinator to push march and CCDL

Kevins email on CCDL page for PDF of 2A flyer

Charles G offered to help on Sunday 22nd.

20:05 Rally at the Capitol – Empty Holster statement, CCDL cards available etc.

20:06 discussion on upcoming proposed DPS Legislation

Steve L.

Ed Peruta did an FOIA request for DPS proposed legislation

Intention to introduce legislation which:

Mandates concealed carry fine plus jail time for printing or exposure

Long gun registration

Bills are raised in 3 committees to know:

1 – Public Safety and Security where the state police bills go

 Office of policy management to Legislative Commissioners Office to the floor of the committees if favorable then to floor of general assembly for voting and gov signature.

2 – Judiciary – Michael Lawler and Andrew Mcdonald.

3 – Environment – hunting and fishing, noise, lead pollution

Check out

Reported legislation to NRA

Bob Crook – lead lobbyist for sports clubs, knows legislators and their leanings

In 2008 they tried to get micro-stamping on the books and this was squashed as needs to be the current batch of crazy proposed legislation.

20:15 Steve to create a flowchart for how to approach these things.

NRA Frontline? Any use to us on this issue?  RSS feeds?  Adam asked.

72 hours notice before hearings (dirty tricks regarding timing and announcements)

20:20 How do we monitor the legislation?  Lenny asked.

Bob Crook is a good resource he finds things out pretty well.

20:22 Judy – Best defense to know who is on the committee

Need to find a 2A-friendly person to alert us

Need inside information

Committee clerk good for notifications

Breakfast with legislators with paper about CCDL etc

To educate them about our cause

Don’t read the bills in front of them.

20:25 Discussion on legislators talking to us?  Us to them?

Steve will call legislators and find out, he is arranging a trap shoot.

Minutes of committee meetings may not be kept or available

CCDL introduce good legislation perhaps?  Uphill battle with anti’s

20:29 Judy – need to get more women involved in favor of 2A rights

20:31 Request discussion – Ed Peruta mentioned problems with applications via email

Towns requiring more information than DPS allows

Towns wanting a signed very broad release for personal information, letters of recommendation, etc.

Extra fees in Bridgeport (not credible)

New Haven, Shelton, Hamden, issues mentioned by Adam. Bethel, Waterbury also

20:38 Judy wants a map of the “problem” town in the state

Discussion of Friends of NRA dinners, Cheryl, Chris, Adam main activists.

20:42 Events coordinator and their duties discussed

20:44 Gun Ride for money raising (poker runs etc)

20:46 Call for donations in the box

20:45 Closed

Legal Actions

Second Circuit Court Of Appeals Audio Files: Kuck/Goldberg v. Danaher

The following audio transcript is pertinent to CT residents with regards to “Due Process” issues related to the denial and appeal process surrounding Pistol Permits.

The CCDL attended this hearing at the Lower Manhattan Courthouse on Sept 17th to show their support for fellow CCDL member, Attorney Rachel M. Baird and both of her clients James Goldberg and Peter Kuck.

A finding in our favor would allow for the original “Due Process” case to be retried in a Connecticut court. A win there would speed up any and all appeals cases to the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners. Thus putting permits back in the hands of law abiding citizens who at this moment have an approximate 19 month wait just to have an appeal hearing.

At approximately 18:35 into the audio, one of the judges states to Assistant Attorney General Gregory D’Auria that what Golberg did was “Perfectly LEGAL”. Response from Gregory D’Auria “Perhaps NOT A CRIME”

The Court findings have not been released yet.

(playing time about 39 minutes)