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The CCDL, Inc. has taken action to help Connecticut citizens applying for gun permits!
Many issuing authorities in Connecticut have for years taken it upon themselves to ask for “EXTRA” information from applicants applying for their permit to carry pistols and revolvers. These intrusive bits of extra information include things such as 3 letters of recommendation that may need to be notarized, signed forms allowing the issuing authority to do financial credit checks, and some even request applicants to sign waivers so authorities can check your medical/mental health history records. This extra information has never been required by any state statute. Members of the CCDL have asked that the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners (BFPE) make a Declaratory Ruling on whether all of this extra information is needed when applying for a permit.

Many people applying for their permit are not aware of what is deemed necessary by the State of Connecticut. Some have supplied the extra information to get their permit; others have considered it an invasion of their privacy and decided against applying for their permit on principle, thus compromising their Second Amendment rights!

The official ruling from BFPE is that anything not specifically called out in the CT state statues is NOT necessary when applying for a permit. They will be sending a copy of their ruling to each and every issuing authority in Connecticut.

CCDL Members and Member Trainers, please pass along this information to everyone. The people of this State, that are interested in getting their permits, need to know that they CANNOT be found unsuitable by any issuing authority, just because they did not supply  the extra information at the time they apply for their carry permit.

The BFPE is a group made up of volunteers! The CCDL would like to thank them for the very long hours of service that they put in helping gun owners in this great State of ours!

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Meeting Minutes Jan 2010

CCDL Inc Meeting minutes January 12, 2010
19:04 Meeting called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance
Attendees: (Removed from the minutes for online publishing)

19:05 Introduction of new and existing members
19:07 Scott Wilson – Welcome to everyone

19:09 Executive Reports – President
Dec. 18th appeared on WXLM Radio show to promote CCDL and 2nd Amendment March
Booked booth and signed contracts for Hunting and Fishing Expo.
No executive meeting due to holidays. Stayed in contact through e-mail with executive members.
Bennett Prescott to PR.
Joint presentation to NL/Windham Country Sportsmen League
Scott and Lenny made contact with NW CT Sportsmen Association to promote CCDL and 2nd Amendment March
Facilitated special election to replace Secretary due to move. Appointed new Events Coordinator
Feb. 12th another joint presentation to Niantic
Legislative breakfast with Lenny

19:12 Reading of previous Secretary’s resignation letter. No Secretary report

19:15 Executive Reports – Treasurers
$1192 in bank at beginning of year
$734 before meeting

19:16 Committee Reports – Membership
360 members. 79 new since last meeting
Created map with gun shops, trying to organize teams to consistently go to gun shops to put our flyers out

19:17 Committee Reports – Events

19:18 Committee Reports – Legislative
Not in attendance

19:18 Committee Reports – Technology
2 donations through PayPal totaling $47.94.
Website membership form integrated to Mailchimp. Automatic insertion to mailing list
We qualify for 15% discount to Mailchimp being a non-profit
Gunpal and other sites suggested for donations/merch. Ease of use and wide confidence in paypal prompted us staying with them despite anti-gun stance.
Problems with e-mail. We’re not receiving all memberships so not all getting out.
Working on adding t-shirts to the website.

19:21 Registered Agent Report
SOTS messages about changes in leadership and some tax info coming in mail. Sending out important info to

19:22 Phil Cypher
All the time slots are full for the Hunting and Fishing Expo.
Need to work out logistics for handing off “Master Pass” for those working the show.
Anyone who can attend the show to visit should. Petitions need to be available.

19:24 PR report
E-mail Brian Lockehardt for comment on his blog.
Sent letter availability to newspapers, radio, TV
To meet with Steve Loban to develop informational handouts for legislators for Legislative breakfast.

19:25 break

19:40 return from break
Open forum:
Wounded Warriors motorcycle ride for veterans [Missed date]
National Center for Constitutional Studies to host a seminar about the founding of the United States and the Constitution Jan 23rd in E. Windsor. $17 includes lunch and coffee for breaks. 8:30a-5p

19:43 Old business
Dicussion on Friends of NRA banquet. Cheryl/Chris to oversee dinner.
Discussion for Fishing and Hunting Expo
Ken Baylor stepped down from PR
Discussion of Anniversery Dinner.
Discussion on Pro-gun people becoming legislators.

19:44 New Business
Request for New Haven resident to apply for Permit to Carry.
Looking for test case to refuse to submit to additional information request.
Jeff T. may know someone who will be willing to do this.
Permit application is written in statute and cannot be amended by towns. Jeff to get back to Scott and Lenny.

Webmaster position has become the Technology Coordinator

19:49 Lenny to appear before BPFE
Lenny and Jack Goldberg filed declaratory ruling asking if towns can ask for additional information from permit applicants.
Lenny to hear results, but towns will be told they cannot  require more information. BPFE willing to

19:51 Discussion on 1st Anniversary Dinner
Location, Date and Place.
Looking for help. Kevin to work with Cheryl.
Room for free with cash bar.
WLPA has asked no firearms at event.

20:01 Discussion on Friends of NRA
3 tables reserved in our name. 20 people on sign-up list.
Not sure cost yet, but in the past $500/table.
March 19th at Aquaturf.
Attending members to bring $50 to next meeting or pay $52 on paypal with comments mention that it’s for NRA dinner.
We’re to be seated near legislators.
Open Carry at the Aquaturf is allowed.
Largest NRA dinner in country and Wayne LaPierre may be speaking there.
Contact Cheryl to sign up or contact her if you have to back out.
Checks to CCDL with memo saying “Friends of NRA dinner”

20:07 Proposal to discuss teams of people for information regarding 2nd Amendment March
3 months away. 10 CCDL Placards hundreds of 2nd Amendment March flyer need to be distributed.
Communicate with Nick H. to get organized on that.

20:11 Help for 2nd Amendment March
Need help setting up for the march on the day of the event

20:15 Stratford Gun Collector’s Association
Need members. Meeting at house in Boothe Memorial Park.
Membership is getting older and no longer being active.
To join the club contact Lenny who will get you information.

20:18 WHCTV
Scott has copies of the shows filmed last month.
$20 to purchase a DVD of the episode. CCDL to buy two copies.
Show available on CCDL website.
Next month to air 2nd Amendment March.

20:21 close of meeting

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