Meeting Minutes Mar 2010

7:11 opened with pledge


Opening comments and introduction of new and old members


7:18 President’s report

Presentation at Niantic Sportsmen’s Club

Testified at Public Safety and Security hearing in Hartford

Got Putnam Police to update website regarding pistol permit process

Attended CCDL 1yr anniversary

Covered a shift at Hunting and Fishing Expo. Encouraged high school student to start school rifle team.


7:20 VP’s report

Testified in Hartford against H.B. 5158.

Commissioner Danaher was unprepared for opposition to Section 10 (long gun registration and private sale ban) and withdrew that section.

Covered Friday at the Hunting and Fishing Expo.


7:21 Secretary

Presented at Niantic Sportmen’s Club

Presented at CCSU Riflery and Marksmanship Club

Covered shift at hunting and fishing Expo

Wrote document explaining time mandates for pistol permit process

Designed a prototype newsletter


7:24 Treasurers report

Jan 1 1200 since then brought in 2400, spent 2400.

Looking to give up merchandise


7:26 Membership

568 members, 124 since last meeting

Hunting fishing show 28th.


7:27 Events

Dinner was success. approx 70 people. Raised $1000 to SAM.

All tables but 1 have been sold.

Many events to discuss at Executive meeting.

Planning stages of summer picnic.


7:28 LAC

Testified against 5158 in Hartford . Focused on Long gun registration and private transfer ban. Section 8 also removed no message on Section 10.

WLOPA has been first club to sign up and back CCDL. Rosa and David. Working on swaying TR Rowe and Sen. Piscapo to reinvigorate Sportsmen Caucus to influence those on the fence.

Broke ice with Sen. Stillman who’s traditionally been F rated by the NRA.

Need more events with local reps at various gun clubs to get congressmen involved and foster good relationship with them.

Contact if interested in getting involved with legislators


7:33 Technology

Handled PayPal donations for FNRA and CCDL

Created membership report that can be run by President and Membership Coordinator

Updated mass e-mail format and member e-mails

Installed a forum on CCDL website for executive member discussion

Need to pay $25.50/month to send out e-mails through Mailchimp

Researched free VOIP and teleconferencing technologies

Worked on getting ads on development site to be incorporated into CCDL website


7:35 PR

Donated condiments for anniversary dinner

Printed and folded large number of flyers and applications for Hunting & Fishing Expo

Staffed table at Expo

Called Cabela’s to inquire about getting CCDL logo on wall behind registers

Refilled cards at JoJo’s

Replied to e-mail from Mission City Production about their 2nd Amendment Project


7:39 Ad-hoc report (Phil)

10 volunteers for the weekend. All showed up

Miscellaneous items sold at event. Need a better way of managing inventory

54 members signed up


7:42 Open forum

The Village at East End ? in Waterbury offers free meeting spaces. Have space for up to 50 people. Same gun policy as where we are. Meeting already booked every Tuesday. Facility suggested Thursdays.

PR wise might be good idea to offer services to boy scouts for riflery merit badges, for example.

IDPA has a lot of matches throughout CT 3 matches a month at S&W. has links to clubs and match schedule for S&W. Encourage new shooters and they will get walked through course of fire.


19:58 Agenda

Merchandise, future events, summer picnic, Second Amendment March, legislative advocacy, gun shop visits, suggestions, taxes


20:02 Break


20:18 Old business

Discussion of Hunting and Fishing Expo, more Second Amendment March planning, discussed gun shop letters, discussion of sending shirt to Scott Hoffman, discussion of Sunday Hunting, discussion of campaign support for pro-gun candidates


20:19 Merchandise

2 people offered to help with Merchandise during the break.

To work on distribution beyond meeting.

Jay can continue delivering merchandise to meetings without issue.

Need someone to handle logistics of sales and inventory.

Integration to website ready

Stephanie and Greg offered to help.


20:24 Future events

Picnic tabled to next meeting.

Idea’s for future events:

Women’s only shoot

Sponsor a women’s self-defense class

Trap shoot/food drive for charity

Child firearms safety seminar

Legislative shoots

Permit class with portion of class profit donated to CCDL

NSSF has “First Shots” classes to give ‘taste’ of firearms and mini-instruction for introduction to shooting.



Bus still has seats.

Capitol now requiring approval for the march because there are so many people attending.

Approval paperwork in.



NRA and CT Coalition of Sportsmen already do questionnaire. Would be redundant and counter productive.

Can create own rating system based on others’ questionnaires.


20:45 Sunday Hunting

Current plan for archery on private land.

Ray Hanley is pushing for it. Bob Crook has historically used full Sunday Hunting as bill killer.


20:47 Promotional cards

Some where dropped at Brown’s Shooting 3wks ago. They were receptive to us.

K5 has cards and were stocked as of a week ago

Sportsmen Outpost and Meriden Rod and Gun club to be visited


20:49 closing remarks

General members are encouraged to return. Share experience in meeting with others.

Lots of opportunities to get involved in if interested.

New people found us through:, our cards being at shops everywhere, Hunting and Fishing Expo


20:53 Adjourned

Permit Issues

Permits to Carry Time Mandates

At this time there are a number of cities and towns that are telling applicants for Connecticut Permits to Carry Pistols and Revolvers that the process is taking longer than 8 weeks. Some local issuing authorities are going so far as to say applications for these permits are only available during certain hours. It is important to be aware of the time frames mandated by law and to hold local issuing authorities accountable to this law.

This document describes the time periods mandated by law and provides suggestions for monitoring your application’s status and protecting your rights to appeal to the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners.