Meeting Minutes Apr 2010



Introduction of members


Opening comments


19:13 President’s Report

Presentation at Metacon for March/CCDL

Testified along with on Senate Bill 28.

Contacted New London police to update info on Pistol Permit process

Radio interview on WXLM FM

Attended 2nd Amendment March


19:15 VP

Attended 2nd Amendment March in Hartford


19:16 Secretary

Prepared a FOIA Request for access to Derby permit records. Derby is allegedly not issuing permits and/or complying with the time mandates.

Put on 2nd Amendment March


19:16 Treasurer

Most expensive and most revenue increasing

Took in 2763

Spent 3174

Taxes were a lot and we donated $1000 to SAM.

Have $782 as of report


19:19 Membership

703 members signed up

135 new since last meeting

Anyone who’s been going to gun shops and leaving cards let Nick know.


19:21 Events

2nd annual CCDL picnic – Aug 14th at Booth Memorial Park, Maybe 11-4 plus hour before and after for setup/cleanup. Looking for volunteers to help.

WLOPA Board of Directors contact about putting on charity event to promote CCDL; need ideas

Scott will be speaking at Tax Day Tea Party on behalf of CCDL.


19:26 Technology

Transferred paypal donations and orders

Mailchimp charged us today

Created a featured sponsor section on website currently linked to CTSAS.INFO; can see number of hits/impressions/etc

Tshirts and hats are available on website and integrated with paypal.

Stephanie has e-mail address

Needs help with graphic design, HTML, or video editing


19:28 PR read by VP

2nd Amendment March notification e-mails and press releases

Attended executive meeting

Contacted senators about Sen. Bill 28, meaningful contact with McGlaughlin

Provided written testimony on Sen. 28

Attended 2nd Amendment March


19:31 Merchandise

Elected as coordinator

Took possession of shirts/cash/etc

Assisted in website sales

Will need to place shirt order soon.

Navy seems to be most popular color

Gave testimony in opposition to Sen. Bill 28


19:32 Legislative

Setting up legislative shoots to get candidates and legislators out and involved

Wants to start discussion in forming team of district coordinators for pro-2A candidates statewide. Similar to NRA program.


19:35 Open forum

Need a lot of help to cover all the districts. Hopefully our growing numbers will help show candidate our support.

Do we have a liason with each gun club? Right now just executive members that shoot at various clubs. Scott has contacted a lot of clubs and spoken there about CCDL and 2nd Amendment March.

Rob Sampson posted SAM march pictures to his campaign page and thanked CCDL.

Saying “We doubled our membership since X date” works well to get people interested about CCDL.


19:59 Back in Session – Guest Speaker – Jerry Labriola

Jerry Labriola, Candidate for US Congress in 3rd District spoke to group

Need to get out the vote and would like to work with CCDL to get a clean sweep of all incumbents. feel free to contact Jerry directly at the website or make a donation.


20:04 Old business

Discussion on Merchandise

FNRA banquet

Proposal for future events

Wrapped up SAM loose ends

Discussed grading system for legislators

Promotional teams

Input from general member and voluntary contributions


20:05 New Business – Annual picnic

Looking for food/cooking/cleanup/setup committees.

Looking for donations for raffles.

Need a giant grill for the picnic. Anyone who can let us borrow one would be appreciated. One member may be able to make one out of a 50-gallon drum; Will keep up posted.

Contact if interested in helping

Open carry welcome, there will be no alcohol


20:09 National 2nd Amendment March Seats / Hartford March Wrapup

Seats available


Bob Crook – CT Coalition of Sportsmen

Sara Adler – CCSU Riflery and Marksmenship Club

Atty. Craig Fishbein – representing Blue Trail Range

Heidi Voight – Miss CT 2006

Scott Wilson – CCDL


Duffy Acevedo – Governor

Martha Dean – Attorney General

Rob Simmons – US Senate

Rob Merkle – US Congress – 4th District

Jerry Labriola – US Congrss – 3rd District

Joe Markley – CT Senate – 16th District

Kathy Brown – CT General Assembly – 89th District

Rob Sampson – CT General Assembly – 80th District


20:12 Gun shop teams

We’ve been hitting a lot of gun shops but it’s been fairly haphazard.

One person can probably reasonably do 5 shops every 3 weeks.

Need people to take maybe 3 shops

Possibility of having a gun shop coordinator who can coordinate people and train them on how to interact with people at the shops.


20:22 Tax Day Tea Party in Hartford

Scott to be a speaker there

Do we want/can we staff a table? Might not be value in having a table. Probably value in handing out flyers at the rally.


20:25 New promo cards

Need new promo cards. Lenny to send out breakdown of cost/box in morning to discuss after meeting.


20:26 Brief discussion on Merchandise

Different shirt colors, or other merchandise.

Bumper stickers, mugs, magnets, flag for rallies all suggested. Ideas to be taken back to executive meeting.

Lenny been to shirt guy for another price on shirts and other merchandise. No response yet, but waiting for it.


Nick from WLOPA attended to show his support.


20:32 Closing words


20:33 Adjournment


CT 2A March – Scott Wilson Speech

Watch the President of the CCDL, Scott Wilson, deliver a moving speech at the CT Second Amendment March in Hartford.