Meeting Minutes Feb 2011


Scott–Pledge of Allegiance

Introduction and welcome

Thanks for coming, we’ve been busy. It’s now go time to testify in Hartford on proposed gun legislation.

Amy Stegall is here with a presentation on the legislative process.


President’s report

E-meeting on January 24th

Printer purchased

Upcoming legislation: 10 bills

Endorsed candidates for the special elections

Friends of NRA banquet

CCDL 2nd anniversary dinner

Rich Burgess’ Defensive Action and Response Committee proposal

Hunting and Fishing Expo booth

Alerts: HB 6185


Vice President not present

Secretary not present

Treasurer’s Report e-mailed to E-members



Friends of NRA dinner, will have 2 tables

Annual dinner Sat. April 2 at Wolcott Landowner’s Protective Association. There will be a raffle, it will be catered.




Tech Coordinator–

$212 from Paypal to our bank account

e-mail updates

Updated the CCDL Facebook



Dylan has withdrawn, the position is now open, an opportunity for members to step up.



39 new members this month, total of 1133 members

Researched and purchased a printer

Scheduled volunteers and made final arrangements for the CT Hunting/Fishing Expo Feb. 18-20


Open Discussion

Gunwalker scandal at ATF-ATF made straw-man purchases of 500-2000 rifles, intending to track them to Mexico. Grassley looking into it.


Judy–no news on the Heller II case


Danbury requiring 3 letters of recommendation for permits

Thompson–4 weeks asked for LORs, 6-8 months time. Called–8 weeks, permits handed out! Asked why permit desired, then 12 weeks.


Bill from Virginia–just moved from Virginia to CT. Is open carry legal? Yes.


Jonathan–go to the BPFE meetings, very informative, especially for instructors.


Cliff–problem in Clinton. Old charge in FL, was denied for his permit, but re-filed and permit issued in 5 months.


Shawn from Windsor Locks–10 weeks, checks cashed, background checks completed. No info. Started appeals process on the 56th day. Nov. 10th hearing–too long a wait. Jonathan suggested an FOIA for record with the Chief of Police for all records regaring the permit application. E-mail Scott for status and dates to help out.


Jonathan–when exchanging this kind of info, use certified return receipt with no refusal.


George–Ralph Sherman is a gun-savvy attorney to contact for these kinds of occasions.


Break, called back to order at 7:52

Old Business

Anniversary dinner

Food drive

“Gun shop assault teams”–flyers, cards being distributed

Legislator packets

Shall Issue project

Gun shop and range liasons for shall-issue


James Keyser introduction–endorsed as a candidate for the Bridgeport RTC, 126th district. Get the word out.


Pass bucket around


Donations–ammo, etc for anniversary party’s raffle April 2


Hunting and fishing expo Feb. 18-20 at the Hartford Convention Center.


Need a merchandise coordinator. This position consists of taking and filling online orders, and ordering more merchandise when necessary.


Need help to send out cards and flyers to gun shops and ranges. Wayne offered to help.


Amy’s presentation on the legislative process


Groups are good at taking over and forcing the issues.

CCDL testified for the first time last year.

Hearings have maximum of 5 days notice, could be as little as 1 day.

List of gun-related bills

Public hearing schedule for Thursday

Submitting written comments

Bill life cycle described.

40 copies of written testimony required.

Can bring testimony on behalf of others.


Reminder to wear hats, shirts.

Virginia offered to take testimony.


Closed by President at 8:58


Total of 35 members signed in.