Meeting Minutes Mar 2011

7:04 PM 3/8/2011

Scott opens meeting and introductions


7:09 PM 3/8/2011


Worked a booth at the Hunting and Fishing show

Testified in Hartford on gun related bills

Nomintated and voted in new merchandise coordinator

Found a new gun shop coordinator

Worked with e-members to finalize details for Anniversary dinner at WLOPA

Contacted New London town manager about concealed carry ban and submitted a proposal to change the law


7:10 PM 3/8/2011


Attended 2 legislative sessions to give testimony against anti-gun bills and submitted written testimony on behalf of others.


7:11 PM 3/8/2011


Voted in new merchandise coordinator

Wrote testimony for on of the anti-gun bills


7:12 PM 3/8/2011


151 new member this month. Total of 1278 members

Finalized and ran H&F show. 15 volunteers over the course of 3 days.

– 100+ new members just from that show

Helped Technology coordinator clean up membership database

Printed 3000 Is That Legal pamphlets.

Went to first legislative session and wrote testimony for the second.

Trying to get info to get booth at YCGG gun show


7:15 PM 3/8/2011


Staffed Hunting and Fishing expo booth

Took in $411 last meeting.

Took in $623 total last month.

Began negotiations with new merch. vendor. Fast, easy, less expensive merchendise.

Will work with new merch. coordinator.

Booked caterer for our anniversary dinner.


7:17 PM 3/8/2011


Finalized details for 2nd annual dinner to be held April 2nd at Wolcott Land Owners Protective Association

Met with WLOPA board to discuss the details.

Represented CCDL at WLOPA meeting to discuss testifying in Hartford

Received tickets for our 2 tables at the Friends of NRA dinner.


7:18 PM 3/8/2011


Transferred money from paypal to CCDL bank account (donations and orders)

Updated members database

Updated website and featured sponsored

Went to Hartford to testify on gun bills.


7:21 PM 3/8/2011


Submitted testimony for one of the legislative sessions

Spent 2 days at H&F expo working booth

Trying to find a way to submit PSAs to broadcasters


7:22 PM 3/8/2011

Open forum – (Comments, questions and announcements from members, not necessarily CCDL endorsed)

On April 15th from 10a-2p, there will be a Tax Day rally. Looking for help with security. Martha Dean, Len Suzio, Joe Markley, will all be speakers. There will be an open mike slot.

Oath Keeper meeting is in Southington at the Police Station(69 Lazy Lane) on March 23rd

Jonathan, a CCDL member, is looking for Permit to Carry paperwork from Towns to keep track of what towns are requiring additional information than is allowed by law. If you have information please contact


7:32 PM 3/8/2011



7:47 PM 3/8/2011

Call to order


7:48 PM 3/8/2011

Old business


7:49 PM 3/8/2011

Friends of NRA Dinner

March 18th at 6pm at the Aqua Turf in Southington.

As of the meeting 4 tickets at the CCDL table were left for $60/ticket.


7:50 PM 3/8/2011

Anniversary dinner

April 2nd @ 6pm at Wolcott Land Owners Protective Association. Please notify if you are planning on attending. We need a head count for the caterer.

Pistol and Rifle ranges will be open to CCDL members for the day.

Trap and skeet fields are open from 10-2

Pistol range is open from 10-sundown

Rifle range is open from 2-sundown

$10 donation at the door to get in

Fun, games and merchandice merchandise.

Family friendly event.

Cash bar available. Because alcohol is being served WLOPA’s insurance prohibits the carrying of firearms inside the clubhouse.

WLOPA is located at 920 Woodtick Road in Wolcott, CT. If you are using a GPS, make a right and not a left on woodtick.

WLOPA’s phone number is 203-879-9976

Applications to join WLOPA will be available. Memberships are offered at a pro-rated rate due to it being so far into their financial year. Smoking is allowed in the bar.


7:55 PM 3/8/2011

Testifying at Hartford

Historically, gun owners in CT have not been particularly involved.

It’s critically important to get out to meet the legislature and voice your concerns.

Legislators are often not familiar with guns. We need to be the people they go to to ask questions and get the real facts about guns.

A bill is proposed. It goes to committee. The committee holds a public hearing on the bill, then vote on it and either let it out of committee or it dies in committee. After is leaves the committee it can go to the floor or to another committee. A second public hearing will not be heard (except if it’s by the appropriations committee, which is the exception)

Changes can be made to bills until June 8th when the session ends.

This is all something you can do.

You don’t need to be an expert on anything to testify. All you need to do is get up and introduce yourself, where you’re from and tell them you either support or don’t support their bill.


What can you do to be effective:

Contact your own legislators first. Go to, or town hall, to find out who your legislators are. Links are available on the CCDL website as well.

Public hearings are announced minimum 5 days before the hearing.

If you can’t show up to the legislative sessions in person to submit testimony, written testimony can be submitted.

Get all your friends to do the same thing. We need people to get involved in ALL gun issues even if you don’t think it applies to you.

If legislators do something you support, send them a note of thank you. They get yelled at all day long, they will remember some kind words.


How to write testimony:

Always use the bill number and title at the top

State up front whether you support or oppose it

Make testimony short and to the point

Include your name and town at a minimum

Include contact information if you feel comfortable receiving a follow up

Most committees don’t accept e-mail testimony. You have to mail it ahead of time (usually 40 copies) or have someone who is going hand it in for you.


Bills to watch this legislative session:



SB 1094 – High cap mag ban (If this bill passes and you have not turned in all your magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds by July 1st, you can be charged with a Class D felony. There is no grandfather clause.)


Things to remember when interacting with legislators:

Don’t be hostile to legislators.

Don’t show up in camo or hunting gear. Dress NICELY. (Shrit/Ties are preferred)

Very important for women to go an testify as well.

Legislators have a poor image of gun owners. We need to present ourselves professionally.

Be polite and helpful.

DO NOT make up statistics. Have the facts (and sources) to back up your claims.


How to testify:

Show up at hartford.

Sign up for a speaking slot.

Wait for your name to be called.

Everyone gets 3 minutes to speak except legislators. They are not bound by a time limit.

If you can engage a legislator during your testimony, they might prompt you with questions that can extend your time.


8:43 PM 3/8/2011

Close of meeting