Meeting Minutes Nov 2011

7:10 PM 11/8/2011
Open meeting and introduction

7:14 PM 11/8/2011
Executive Report – President
Held executive meeting – Discussed gun questionairre, 2A rally, Hunting and Fishing show, Shall issue campaign, BPFE ruling and how to distribute it)
Filed FOIA with DPS for permit statistics
First draft of Shall Issue Campaign letter
Coordinated speakers for meeting

7:15 PM 11/8/2011
Executive Report – Vice President
Attended executive member meeting.
Acquired list of local issuing authorities from BPFE for use in distributing BPFE ruling
Put effort into getting window decals into our merchandise
Spent last weekend shooting with pro-2A folks

7:17 PM 11/8/2011
Executive Report – Secretary
SHall issue letter

7:17 PM 11/8/2011
Executive Report – Treasurer
Balance $7308
Donations and Merch Sales –
Expenses – $616

7:18 PM 11/8/2011
Coordinator Report – Mem
1795 members total
25 new this month
Updated membership database with Virginia
Drafted and distributed questionairre to Bridgeport Mayoral candidates. None have responded as of yet.

7:20 PM 11/8/2011
Coordinator Report – Events
Attended executive meeting
Nothing new coming up.

7:20 PM 11/8/2011
Coordinator Report – Tech
Made updates to Database and website.
Sent out e-mails to members and faceboko updates.
Attended exec meeting

Renewed website hosting
Working on product for female members. May have quote this week for new supplier.

7:21 PM 11/8/2011
Coordinator Report – PR
Nothing to report.
Scott says we may have some press releases to send out this month

7:21 PM 11/8/2011
Coordinator Report – Merch
New piece of merchandise for save. A car decal.
Working on getting a sample of patches for range bags and similar items.

7:23 PM 11/8/2011
2A Rally Coordinator
Could not be here tonight.
Haggling with administrator at Capitol over cost to hold event there. It may be provided to us at no cost after some discussion.

7:24 PM 11/8/2011
Special Guest – Dan Reel, candidate for 2nd US Congressional District

7:41 PM 11/8/2011
Special Guest – Wayne Winsley, candidate for 3rd US Congressional District

8:01 PM 11/8/2011

8:12 PM 11/8/2011
Old business

8:13 PM 11/8/2011
Constitution Lobby
Estelle Stephens spoke to us a few months ago to discuss the Constitution Lobby.
After Gov. Malloy came out with some executive orders, the Constitution Lobby sent him a Cease and Desist letter to which he had to put another executive order clarifying that he’s not trying to usurp power from the Legislature.
Then they sent a request to the Legislature to investigate whether the oaths of office were violated and the Legislature has scheduled a public hearing.
We need people to show up at the public hearing November 10th at 10AM in Room 1A in the Legislative Office Building.
The Constitution Lobby will have some training classes on protecting the constitution.

8:20 PM 11/8/2011
Shall Issue
Scott submitted a copy of the campaign
Kevin mentioned some sections

8:38 PM 11/8/2011
Permit Issues
There may be another declaratory ruling coming out.
Based on some of the issues seen in Hartford and other towns. website has an outline on how to prepare for the permit appeal process
A person in Hartford has said last month to fight extra requirements from Hartford. One person will submit application by mail to avoid 90 day delay. Another individual will go farther by getting background check done first.
New legislation coming up:
– Open Carry to come up in
– Out of state permits and eligibility certificates
BPFE Ruling
Have decided to send the rulings to the chiefs of police for clarification on open carry.

8:47 PM 11/8/2011
Gun Questionairre
Kurt to improve questions and submit new questions soon.

8:47 PM 11/8/2011
Hunting and Fishing
February 10th – 12th is the 2011 Hunting and Fishing Expo.
We’ve had a table there for the last few years now.
Please sign up with Jeff at if you’d like to help out. You have to pay for parking, but entrance to the event is free.
We try to pair new members with more experienced members so no one is alone.

8:51 PM 11/8/2011
Agenda 21
Last month was the Agenda 21 seminar. 4 other towns have signed up for the seminar as well.
Dates/times are available on Facebook.
Seminars are free

8:59 PM 11/8/2011
Close of meeting