Meeting Minutes Dec 2011

7:05 PM 12/13/20115
Open meeting with pledge and introduction

7:08 PM 12/13/2011
Executive Report – President
Held executive meeting on Nov. 22 (Discussed 2A rally, Hunting and Fishing show, discussed BPFE ruling
Drafted letter to Police Chiefs
Extended introduction to new New London mayor. Going to try working with them to eliminate open carry ban.
Worked with Committee Members on Shall-Issue campaign

7:10 PM 12/13/2011
Executive Report – Vice Presidnet
Designed stamp with return address of CCDL
Attended Exec. Meeting

7:10 PM 12/13/2011
Executive Report – Secretary
Attended Exec. Meeting
Worked on Shall-Issue document

7:10 PM 12/13/2011
Executive Report – Treasurer
Attended Exec. Board meeting
Donations from last month: $360.55
Merchandise from last month: $452.55
Expenses from last month: $263.11

7:11 PM 12/13/2011
Coordinator Report – Committee
1835 total members
32 new this month
Attended executive meeting
Continued to work on staffing for Hunting and Fishing show

7:12 PM 12/13/2011
Coordinator Report – Events
Looking at mid to end of March for annual dinner.

7:13 PM 12/13/2011
Coordinator Report – 2A Rally Coordinator
Late Oct. sent in building use application.
April 28th, 2012 has been reserved and approved. If we can find our own podium, we won’t be charged for anything. Looking for volunteers for flyer distribution. John B. Treasurer to design a flyer.

NOTE: The Connecticut Citizens Defense League often gives the floor to members who wish to speak on various topics that may be of interest to CCDL members. Guests are responsible for all statements made. Though the CCDL does not necessarily believe or promote these statements, it does try to faithfully summarize the sentiments to the best of it’s ability.

7:18 PM 12/13/2011
Special Guest – John P. – Discussion on gangs and guns
Firearms are the ultimate arbitor of our freedom.
Personal protection against crime. Police are often too far away to protect us.
Ability to resist government oppression
Personal protection against social breakdown spurred on by global monetary breakdown
Firearms will be the first and last line of defense.
Government gun confiscation is a reality in the face of disaster (as evidenced by Katrina)
Peace officers of John’s day has become the Law Enforcement Officer of today. Former kept peace. Latter now serves to enforce the law. Law often serves to protect the criminal while the victim fears repurcussions of protecting themselves.
Tax supported international organizations of municipalities and legislatures are not elected and serve their own purposes by proposing uniform codes you don’t have any say in.
Today there are 25,000 gangs, and 1 million confirmed gang members, active in the US.
These gangs are sophisticated and organized. Some even supported by their respected governments.
Street gangs are used to violence. There’s nothing you can threaten them with.
In 10 years, only 57,000 arrests and only 30,000 convictions have been made.
With 1 million gang members in the United States, what are going to do about it?
Oppose all gun control measures at all levels of government, get your firearms permits and guns now.

7:45 PM 12/13/2011
Special Guest – Amy Stegel – Legislative (and others) Update
Zoning proposal in Killingly: town wanted to ban target shooting on private property. Ended up being killed quite soundly. Highlights need to be active in town politics and have one-on-one conversations with town managers.
National Right to Carry Bill: Impacts CT residents who are unable to get non-resident permits in other states. Lot of rumors are not true. Visit NRA or Gun Owners of America websites for accurate information. Probably will pass House, likely won’t pass Senate. It’s a good bill and should be supported.
CT Redistricting: Lost 2 anti-gunners, districts aren’t settled. Pay attention to know where you land when districts are finalized. You need to know who to contact when the legislative session opens.
Session opens in Februrary. No date yet. Short session, which is dangerous. February-May. Only supposed to deal with budget items.
Everyone should writing/calling legislators to introduce themselves before the session opens. Legislators deal with 100s of people each session, so keep on their radar. Thank them for antyhing they’ve done well. This should be a ‘warm and fuzzy’ introduction.
DOJ press release in Nov. in which it announced charges against 2 individuals who stole firearms from residents throughout Connecticut. Question Raised: How did they know where the firearms were? Allegedly they stole whole safes without knowing what the contents were and extracted contents later.
National Associatino of Gun Rights has been sending out e-mails on gun related bills. Some of their information was questionable. Be wary when forwarding their e-mails. Please get your information from known reputable organizations NRA, GOA, CCDL, SAF, etc.
You can now renew pistol permits through the mail.
Colt opened a new factory in Florida. They’re ‘not moving’ but have approximate 50 well paying positions. Locating in FL because they are a right-to-work state and are gun friendly.
Suggestion that CCDL should gather pro-gun newspaper clippings of CT residents defending themselves with guns.

8:10 PM 12/13/2011

8:23 PM 12/13/2011
Jonathan – BPFE update
Got to see new Board member, appointed by Malloy filling a vacancy of over a year.
An interesting case of a person who doesn’t speak very good english who has an arrest from 20 years ago for stealing a pack of batteries and was denied. Board overturned.
Active domestic case or active accerlerated rehabilitation cannot apply for permits.
You have 90 Days from time you were denied by the town to appeal. Make sure you get paperwork postmarked before that time. If your denial letter didn’t include a reason for denial, do not investigate why. If a reason is not supplied by town by the time of appeal hearing, the board will generally automatically over-rule.
Store clerk in New Haven defended a customer with a firearm and had it confiscated by New Haven Police as ‘evidence’. He was able to buy another firearm.
Unfortunately, some times people get screwed by police department when they don’t get statements from other witnesses at the scene. No way around this.
Goldberg lost his appeal of the Chili’s open carry incident in the 2nd Circuit Court.

8:42 PM 12/13/2011
Copy of declaratory ruling
Need numbers from BPFE
9 questions as it relates to suitability?
Final draft needs to be finished.
Getting Shall-Issue passed this year not likely because of short session. Need to find a legislator really supportive of it.

8:45 PM 12/13/2011
Police Chief Letter
Need a way to link to the BPFE ruling regarding open carry.
Possibly ask the Board to include additional information when they send out mailing to police chiefs.

8:50 PM 12/13/2011
Hunting and Fishing Expo
Feb. 17th-19th at the CT Convention Center
Still looking for volunteers to staff table. 4-hour shifts.
Admission is free if volunteering, but you may have to pay for parking.

8:52 PM 12/13/2011
There are gun associations that are non-profit. Look for one if you need tax-deductible donations by end of year.

8:54 PM 12/13/2011
Close of meeting