4th Annual Family Picnic



Meeting Minutes Jun 2012

Opening of meeting and introduction
Executive Reports – President
Attended OathKeepers meeting where Stuart Rhodes was the speaker
Worked with Amy
Worked with Republican legislators work on laguage regarding moving the BPFE into another department
Met with attorney to discuss possible restructuring
Executive Reports – Vice President
Attended meeting with Attorney
Executive Reports – Treasurer
Refund of $62.50 overpayment received from caterer.
Donations from the Ye Connecticut Gun Guild gun show finally received
Executive Reports – Secretary
Attended meeting with Attorney
Coordinator Reports – Membership, Events
Not Present
Coordinator Reports – Tech
Upgraded Facebook group and create Facebook page for CCDL.
Posted articles to website and sent emails to members.
Coordinator Reports – PR
Wrote press reelase about joining the Second Amendment Foundation’s Amicus Curie
Coordinator Reports – Registers Agent
Reserved picnic area for Augest 27th
Coordinator Reports – Merchandise
Currenting filling back orders
Getting car vynals
Legislative Update with Amy S.
Possible the most gun-related bills brought up in a long time
Huge turnout at multiple hearing on multiple bills in multiple committees. This posed a problem with mobilizing our members but we did well.
Legislation was changed as a direct result of CCDL member comments.
Passed 5263 – Permit renewal by mail. Had 26 co-sponsors, but where added only AFTER it received much positive testimony from citizens
Thank your legislators who signed on
Prices do not get raised as a result and this goes into effect in October.
Passed – Federal Firearm Relief Bill (Federal mandate to provide path for those committed by a court to a mental health facility to restore their 2nd amendment rights)
Passed – 6581 – This was a DMV bill allowing an exemption of motor vehicle inspectors from having to get permits to carry in order to carry a firearm while on duty.
Passed 6629 – domestic violence bill – changes process for siezing firearms from those already prohibited
Passed 1017 (which became another bill number. Unsure of new number) BPFE moving to Office of (unclear) Accountability. Not merging with DPS.
Now that bills have been passed it will take time for them to come into effect and regulations to be written.
Special session is coming in fall, so we need to be watchful.
Good time to meet with ligislators since they’re not as busy with current legislation. Tell them what wrong with the system.
967 was killed in committee. Could not get it passed as an amendment either.
Any legislator introducing pro-gun legislation or ammedments – thank them.
Ammunition bill probably failed but unknown if it was attached to anything else.
Assault weapon ban fight coming to federal level again.
7:43 Membership
30 new member this month.
1583 total
7:44 Open forum
US Concealed Carry Association provides insurance policy in case you are in a situation where you need to defend yourself. Different levels depending on level of membership. Covers cibil and criminal cases. NRA has a similar program.
Does CCDL have any kind of relationship with NRA or GOA? We’ve talked, also talked with SAF about court case. NRA is in the loop on CT issues, but we don’t know how far that information is going.
Estelle from We The People of CT, Inc. It’s a CT lobby group for the consitutiont. Non-partisan lobbying organization looking for 175,000 people to join. Also looking for Citizen Constitution monitors to keep track of subjects of legislation/legislators and notify group to address it. Membership is $25/year.
8:07 Break
8:18 Special Guest Daria Novak
8:34 Pistol Permit Issues
Info on towns – if no ling for your town or one near you, please get an application and send it, along with any additional requirements/notes to Jonathan.
2×2 photo is only for non-residents. You do not need it for a resident permit.
Some towns are saying that the NRA basic pistol certificate has a 1 year expiration. It does not.
Woodbridge/West Hartford/Norwalk all want a hold harmless agreement signed allowing them to talk to your employer and preventing you from suing you if your employer fires you as a result of that discussion.
68% of permit revocations/denials are overturned.
Should look for a way to have records expunged after some period of time.
No stop-gap measure for when bourd overturns and police-chief will won’t issue. Board has to take chief to court.
8:59 Picnic
Will be held Saturday August 27th at Boothe Memorial Park in Stratford.
Times TBD, but similar to previous years
9:00 Amicus Brief
CCDL signed onto an Amicus Brief with the Second Amendment Foundation.
Information linked on our website.
9:02 New London
No new information on concealed carry ban. Not a lot of cooperation with town manager.
9:03 Close of meeting

Meeting Minutes May 2012

Monthly Meeting Minutes for May, 8th 2012
7:05 Pledge and Introductions
7:08 President’s Report
Held Executive Meeting on 04/24/12
Discussed detail of the Rally
Attended 2A Rally at the State Capitol on 04/28/12
Worked with Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post for support
Attended Hearing in Woodbridge with many CCDL members
Communicated with State Senator on gun Bill HB5245
Contacted NBC 30 to ask them to update their news report indicating support for Woodbridge
7:10 Vice President’s Report
Attended Executive Meeting on 04/24/12
Attended 2A Rally at the State Capitol on 04/28/12
Attended Woodbridge zoning meeting to Support Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post
Put a few people in contact with Jonathan H for help with revoked permit issues
7:11 Secretary’s Report (not present)
7:11 Treasure’s Report
Attended 2A Rally at the State Capitol on 04/28/12
Donations $186.00
Merchandising $209.00
Expenses $395.55
Discussed seminar on US Constitution
7:16 Membership Coordinator’s Report
Preparations for 2A Rally
Manned Table at Hoffman’s Gun Center on 04/22/12
Attended Executive Meeting on 04/24/12
Attended 2A Rally at the State Capitol on 04/28/12
85 New Members
2165 Total Members
7:18 Events Coordinator’s Report
Attended 2A Rally at the State Capitol on 04/28/12
Attended meeting to Support Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post
7:20 Legislative Report
Explained misunderstandings about HB5245
Contacted Senators to push HB5245 forward
7:27 Technology Coordinator’s Report
Added Pictures from Anniversary Dinner to website
Sent out campaign emails
Facebook updates
Website updates
Attended Executive Meeting on 04/24/12
Posted all available meeting minutes to website
Attended 2A Rally at the State Capitol on 04/28/12
Transferred Paypal funds to bank account
General member database and Website maintenance
7:29 Registered Agent
Attended Executive Meeting on 04/24/12
Attended and Video Taped 2A Rally at the State Capitol on 04/28/12
7:30 Merchandise Coordinator’s Report (not present – read by Membership Coordinator)
Took T-shirt inventory and placed replenishment order
Manned Table at Hoffman’s Gun Center on 04/22/12
Attended Executive Meeting on 04/24/12
Attended 2A Rally at the State Capitol on 04/28/12
Filled online orders
Attended Woodbridge meeting to Support Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post
Emailed State Senators on gun Bill HB5245
7:33 Mike Majewski Co-owner of the Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post thanked CCDL for the hard work
7:40 Kevin F pistol permit denial issues (much discussion)
8:10 Donations and short break
8:25 Polo shirt for Mike B in thanks for his DJ work at the Anniversary Dinner and the 2A Rally
8:27 John B on Agenda 21 (much discussion)
8:35 Scott W on Not endorsing candidates, instead maybe a list of approved Pro 2A candidates
8:38 Kurt on Questionnaire for candidates
8:41 Jonathan BOFE discussion
8:49 Cheryl on Family Picnic this summer, looking for new volunteer to help with Picnic coordination
8:52 Jonathan is looking for volunteers from all four corners of the State to help him dealing with the Pistol Permit issues.
8:57 Meeting closes