Colorado Shooting Press Release

CCDL Releases Statement on Colorado Movie Theater Incident

Groton, CT – July 23, 2012 – The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL), Connecticut’s largest and most active grassroots gun rights organization, today released a statement regarding the movie theater shooting in Aurora, CO. Says CCDL President Scott Wilson: “The Connecticut Citizens Defense League expresses its heartfelt sympathies towards the victims and the families of the recent tragedy in Aurora, CO. Any instance where violence of this nature occurs, it leaves a mark on our society that is very simply impossible to erase. May there be peaceful days ahead for those affected by this terrible event.”

In the past few days, we have heard many calls from elected officials all over the country for increased gun control. The CCDL is prepared to continue working against any further restrictions of our gun rights, which would punish law abiding citizens for the actions of a madman.



Bennett Prescott
Public Relations Coordinator
Connecticut Citizens Defense League


CCDL Honors Rob Sampson as Legislator of the Year for 2012


CCDL Honors Rob Sampson as Legislator of the Year for 2012

Groton, CT (July 11) – The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL), Connecticut’s largest grassroots gun rights organization, for the first time will be presenting a Legislator of the Year award. This award is given to the legislator who has done the most for the gun rights of state residents, regardless of political affiliation. Candidates must have not only a good pro-rights voting record for the year, but also have taken time to be involved with shooting organizations and events, and demonstrated the kind of political backbone it takes to stand up for what is right year after year.

For 2012 the award will be given to Rob Sampson, a representative of the 80th district and resident of Wolcott. Rob was instrumental in introducing and championing several pieces of pro gun legislation in the 2012 legislative session, as well as helping the CCDL with an inside view of proceedings and regular updates on the fate of several pieces of legislation they were fighting against.

One of Rob’s greatest contributions was the introduction of HB5245,  An act that if it had passed in the Senate, would have created fair and uniform criteria for pistol permit applicants. This Bill passed through the House 141 to 0.

Says CCDL President Scott Wilson: “The CCDL is pleased to honor Rob Sampson as the first recipient of this award. Representative Sampson has shown that he respects the rights of his constituents, and all Connecticut citizens, through his legislative efforts.” The entire executive board extends its congratulations and thanks to Mr. Sampson for his tireless work, and hopes that this small token will help convey our gratitude.

The award will be given to Rob in a special ceremony during the CCDL’s next general meeting on August 14th at the Elks Lodge on 44 Maynard st. in Middletown, CT. For more information please visit To write Rob yourself and thank him for his great work on the behalf of gun owners statewide, visit:



Meeting Minutes Jul 2012

7:00 Open meeting and Introduction
7:03 Executive Reports – President
Attended executive member meeting where the following was discussed: Appreciation plaque for Metacon, Family picnic, campaign endorsements, elections, Hunting and Fishing show, CCDL blog, permit issues, and the ‘Is That Legal’ brochure.
Worked on New Britain ordinance 16-80
Communicated with New Britain City Counselors
7:05 Executive Reports – Vice President
Attended executive member meeting
Got new banners for the organization hung in CT Firearm and Tactical and Woodbridge Firearm Trading Post.
Put together a contract for both stores to sell CCDL shirts.
7:07 Executive Reports – Secretary
Attended executive member meeting.
Made another change to ‘Is that Legal’ brochure, but to hopefully put to rest confusion surrounding the ‘transporting’ section. Need to confer with E-board and wait for New Britain to resolve before it can be posted.
7:07 Executive Reports – Treasurer
149 total in donations and merchandise
390 in expenses
7:08 Coordinator Reports – Membership
31 new members this month
2240 total members
7:08 Coordinator Reports – Events
Executive meeting.
7:09 Coordinator Reports – Technology
Maintained website.
Emails to members.
Still owe a link to the CCDL Blog on the homepage. (
7:10 – Coordinator Reports – Public Relations
Bennett will be moving to Massachusetts and there will be an opening in this position.
If you’re interested, please contact Scott at
Necessary materials will be provided to you.
7:11 Coordinator Reports – Merchandise
Filled outstanding orders.
Attended Executive Meeting
7:12 Family Picnic
Sunday, August 19th in Stratford at Boothe Memorial Park.
Official time is 11-4.
Setup will start at 10 and cleanup will go on until 5 if you’re interested in helping out.
If you want to bring chips/desert/salad/etc. please contact Cheryl at We’re looking for volunteers to flip burgers.
This is a Family Friendly event. The park is pet friendly and has a playground for kids. We will have some ‘lawn games’ to play as well.
No alcohol is allowed because people will be carrying firearms. Open carry is allowed.
Bring Family and friends. If you can, RSVP on Facebook.
7:17 New Britain Ordinance
We’ve been trying to get the language changed to allow for concealed carry.
Another gun organization in the state submited a Freedom of Information Act Request looking for all communications regarding the ordinance change. This, coupled with one city counselor leaking information about the change to the media, has scared some of the city counselors and the ordinance change is now on hold.
Scott has sent an e-mail to the Counselors letting them know that CCDL has read and supports the new language.
7:22 Legislative Update
Jonathan and Amy have worked our a list of topics to go after next legislative session. These still need to be discussed by the executive members.
Might be setting up an information session on how to testify in Hartford. Session will cover how to write testimony and how to present it at the Capitol.
Still need to figure out how to do endorsements. Amy is lookin into the best way to do it.
If you live in a district with pro-, or anti-, gun legislators, please let us know. ( We’re a volunteer organization and can’t have eyes everywhere all at once. We need your help.
7:29 Board of Firearms Permit Examiners
They’re having an incredible 3 sessions this month. By statute only required to meet once every 90 days.
The board didn’t want the calendar to extend, so they’re adding another two days this month to make up for losing a meeting last month.
The queue for appeals is still pushing January, but much better than the 14 month backlog they had last year.
Jonathan to work on a course (to be held at Hoffman’s) to walk people through the appeal process.
Next meeting for the BFPE:
Thursday, July 12, 2012 at 12 noon
Dept. of Emergency Services and Public Protection
1111 Country Club Rd.
Middletown, CT 06457
7:40 Merchandise
Current Merchandise Coordinator has conflict with increased activity at work. May not be able to reliably make the monthly general meetings.
We may be looking for an assistant to help at general meetings, but need to discuss further within the executive board.
7:47 UN Small Arms Ban Treaty (candid discussion)
Note: An open discussion was held during this time and many good points were brought up by the general members in attendance. They will not be transcribed here, but watch out for e-mails from CCDL with updates as we get into action.
8:12 Rob Sampson – CCDL Legislator of the Year
The CCDL Executive Board has chosen Representative Rob Sampson as the Legislator of the Year.
Rob couldn’t be here tonight, but an official award ceremony will take place at the August 14th meeting. Please show up and bring your friends!
8:18 Another brief open discussion
8:28 Close of meeting