Meeting Minutes Aug 2013

Meeting Minutes Aug. 2013


7:10 Opened with the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance.

7:14 Executive Report- President

Starbucks damage control

Individual members of CCDL do not speak for the group’s standings.

Members should take care with their words and actions, as they can be misconstrued by the media.

Press release was put out that John McKinney will not get support from CT gun owners.

Contact Jerry Labriola and let him know how you feel.

7:28 Executive Report- Vice President



7:29 Executive Report- Secretary



7:30 Executive Report- Treasurer

People’s Bank Acct- $11,746

Paypal acct- $2,223

Merchandise sales $4,861

Total net expenses $6,075

Applied for 501C4 status- nonprofit/nontaxable and retroactive


7:35 Coordinator Report- Membership

8,619 total members

309 new members this month


7:37 Coordinator Report- Events

Executive meeting was conducted.

Upcoming picnic on Aug. 24 is being organized by Chris and Cheryl Lemos.

Booth has been reserved at the Hunting and Fishing Show in February 2014.

Hat City Friends of the NRA Dinner will be attended by CCDL.



7:41 Coordinator Report- Legislative/Permit Issues

CTN has been attending some BFPE meetings.

Malloy is trying to change the Board.

People are starting to stand up to the towns in regards to 8 week deadline.

Farmington was ordered to issue a permit within 30 days and is not complying;

They will be going to court.

Fingerprinting issues are becoming suspicious, especially for women.

Veterans are getting the run-around.

Firearms inventory lists- 75% are incorrect.

If you no longer own a firearm and it’s used in a crime, they aren’t returning assault weapons that were confiscated.

Podcast includes Blaine as cohost and engineer.


Attended Starbuck’s in Newtown with fellow members for Starbuck’s Appreciation Day. NBC30 reported that it was a CCDL sponsored event despite being told specifically that it was not by multiple Executive Members.


Attended Toad’s Place in New Haven with Ted Nugent. Anti-gun protestors were upset/got physical. Protestors were obviously backed by professional groups.


New Movie- Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire.


7:46 Coordinator Report- Merchandise

New shotgun shell shot glasses

Hoodies coming in both pullover and zip-front, order forms will be available for

next 2 or 3 meetings.

Merchandise sales are designated to keep CCDL running.

Business cards are available with a donation.


7:49 Coordinator Report- Fundraising

Bob Ferguson is absent.

Ray Bevis reported on the upcoming Poker Run.

60 volunteers are needed, sign-up sheets with designated jobs.

5 prizes for the Poker run in addition to the raffle prizes which includes a ’99

Springer Softail custom with custom paint.

Poker run starts at Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post and ends at King 33 in

Southington, registration is at Woodbridge from 9:30 to 10:30 and is $20 per

vehicle. Raffle drawing is at 2:00. Volunteers are needed for raffle ticket distribution and they are also available at the family picnic. You must be 18 to sell the tickets and 21 to buy them.


7:52 Guest Speaker- Martha Dean

Litigation update

The law passed in April, lawsuit was filed in May, Injunction was filed in June, and

Amicus Briefs were filed in July. August 9 the State responded “no”.

The judge is moving things along expeditiously.


7:55 Introduced clubs actively hosting fundraisers for the litigation

Mike D’Angelo and Dom Basile from Metacon donated.

Carlos and Tom from Hahlawah Rifle and Pistol Association donated.

Keith Cagle from Fairfield County Fish and Game donated.

David Hyatt from Torrington Gun Club donated.

Northwest Sportsman’s Club is hosting a dinner in September with 6 tables

bought for CCDL.

Bruce Hilliard from Silver City Gun Club donated.


8:03 Open Forum

Tom Pietrini is supporting John Monteleone and hosting a Game Dinner w/500

Attendees at $50 a ticket.

Peter Kuck from BFPE- Jonathan Hardy has attended every meeting for the last 2

years. Go to your town meetings, get involved locally as soon as possible. Many

empty seats on Republican Town Committees.

Bill Stevens- CCDL is welcome in Newtown.

Jerri MacMillian- District 29 needs a candidate to go against Don Williams.

Angel Fernandez is running for office in Middletown.


8:17 Break


8:42 Events Update

5th annual CCDL Family Picnic is Aug.24 11-4 at Boothe Memorial Park in

Stratford. Bring blankets, chairs, side dishes, raffle items. Volunteers are needed

to do ½ hour grill shifts.


The Hunting and Fishing Show is Feb. 13-15 at the Convention Center in

Hartford. New volunteers are wanted to help with the booth.



8:47 Open last comments

New York Pickle Deli is a Pro-2A business for people in the Rocky Hill/Cromwell


John Beidler-Donations collected at the meeting.

Newtown Labor Day Parade- Oath Keepers is marching. The theme is “Sunshine and



9:01 End of Meeting


Litigation Update

This is a Joint Litigation Update from both CCDL and CCS


Greetings, Second Amendment Supporters: A lot has happened over the past few months in our lawsuit challenging Connecticut’s new firearms law. We would like to provide you with a status update. First, many thanks to those of you who have stepped up to the plate and provided generous financial support for the litigation. Your donations and additional efforts are greatly appreciated. We still have a long way to go to raise the funds needed, but we are off to a good start. We also want to thank our many friends and members who have participated in the litigation fundraising events. We also appreciate your input in online discussions of the new firearms law and working to educate the public about the harm caused by candidates for public office who are clearly anti-2nd Amendment. All of this work is invaluable to the restoration of our fundamental rights.


Plaintiffs and Request for Injunctive Relief: As you know, our legal team filed the lawsuit, Shew, et al. v. Malloy, et al., on May 22, 2013 in federal court in Connecticut. The plaintiffs are: June Shew, Stephanie Cypher, Brian McClain, Andrew Mueller, Mitchell Rocklin, Peter Owens, Hiller Sports, LLC, MD Shooting Sports, LLC., the Connecticut Citizen’s Defense League (“CCDL”), and the Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen (“CCS”). Shortly after filing suit, we filed a request for immediate temporary injunctive relief, asking the court to stop the implementation and enforcement of the new law. In support of our request for injunctive relief, our legal team filed expert reports demonstrating that the law not only fails to make Connecticut citizens more safe – perversely, it actually makes Connecticut citizens less safe. (Read the reports here: )


Amicus Briefs: In the past few weeks, we have been honored to receive support from three separate amicus briefs (friend of the court briefs) that were filed by various organizations and law enforcement officers in support of our lawsuit. These excellent and substantive briefs were filed by: 1) the National Rifle Association, 2) the Pink Pistols, and 3) the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, the Law Enforcement Action Network, the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association, and by a host of brave individual active duty and retired law enforcement officers who are willing to stand up for the rights of all Connecticut citizens. (Read the amicus briefs here: )


The Legal Landscape: The Court has set a fast-paced briefing schedule. It is likely there will be one or more rulings in this case as early as Fall 2013. In mid-August, you can expect to see one or more significant briefs filed by the plaintiffs, and in September, by the State. We encourage you to check in at this link from time to time for updates:

As requested repeatedly over the past months, please do not discuss the litigation in online discussion pages, such as Facebook, or otherwise in any public forum. CCDL and CCS are plaintiffs, and it is the job of each and every one of us, as members of these fine organizations, to conduct ourselves in a way that is beyond reproach, without creating distractions or interference, and to allow our lawyers to get the job done.


Fundraising: CCDL and CCS are now asking all firearms owners and 2nd Amendment supporters in Connecticut who have not yet donated to please donate immediately to the litigation fund. For those who have already contributed, we ask that you please consider making an additional contribution and, better still, consider making ongoing monthly contributions online as your finances allow. Second Amendment lawsuits break new legal ground, as most of the issues raised have not been addressed by the courts in detail before. The average successful Second Amendment case to date has cost in excess of half a million dollars.


Make A Donation: While we are off to a good start raising the needed funds, it is critical that we keep going if we intend to achieve our objective: full restoration of 2nd Amendment rights in Connecticut. To donate online to the litigation fund, click here to access the secure site: PayPal link


If you prefer to write a check, please make it payable to: “CCDL” and note on the face of the check that it is for the “2A Litigation Fund.” Checks should be mailed to: CCDL, P.O. Box 642, Groton, CT 06340. (NOTE: Please do not write checks to CCS. By agreement, CCDL is serving as the organization in charge of receiving all donations to the plaintiffs’ litigation fund and it has established strict procedures and a separate account for handling and managing donations for this purpose. Checks that go to the wrong destination only end up getting lost or creating unnecessary work for our volunteers.)


Again, many thanks to all of you for your tireless efforts to secure our most basic rights!


Warm Regards,


Scott Wilson


CCDL, Inc.


Bob Crook

Executive Director