Meeting Minutes Feb 2014

7:06 Open with National Anthem and Pledge

7:07 Introduction
7:09 Executive Reports – President
Communicated with Attorneys and Media about lawsuit
Booked speakers for general meeting
7:10 Executive Reports – Vice President
Contacted Mark Lauretti to speak at general meeting
Interviewed about Stag Arms new .22
Helped events coordinator in printing flyers
Delivered food to the food pantry from last month’s meeting
There’s going to be a CCDL Trap Shoot. Flyers are available at th meeting. Put on by the Guilford Sportsmens Association
CT Sporting Arms is continuing to raise money for the CCDL by selling spare ammo people leave at the shop.
7:13 Executive Reports – Secretary
A number of members asked about geting CCDL to accept Bitcoin donations. I convinced the executive board to do it by volunteering to field all questions/comments/complaints about it:
7:14 Executive Reports – Treasurer
We can now accept credit card payments for merchandise at meetings and events using our PayPal swipers.
7:17 Coordinator Reports – Membership
637 new since last month
7:18 Coordinator Reports – Events
Attended the Executive Member meeting
Worked on the Dinner, Rally, and Hunting and Fishing Show.
Hunting and Fishing show is this weekend at the CT Convention Center.
Our Anniversary Dinner is March 1st at the Aquaturf. Tickets and info available at our website and at meetings.
Our Rally at the capitol is April 5th 12-3. Full list of speakers to be announced, but key note speaker will be David Codrea (National Gun Rights Examiner – / War on Guns Blog –
7:20 Coordinator Reports – Permit Issues
Lots of changes after the new members joined the board. Seems a bit disjointed at the moment as procedures are rapidly changing from meeting to meeting.
Backlog is growing.
We need help from our members: Go to your town and get a new pistol permit application with any additional attachments and requirements. Send them to Jonathan
7:24 Coordinator Reprots – Merchandise
Regular merchandise and assortment of sticker colors available. Color decals available at meeting only.
Lapel pins and patches have been ordered and will be available at meetings when they arrive.
7:25 Local Counsel Martha Dean – Lawsuit Update
CT District Court and 2nd Circuit have bad 2A precedent.
Several cases limited Judge Covello’s choices in our case.
Our case had some good factual findings, however at the appellate level, fact finding starts over again with a new court.
Since the 2nd Circuit court is generally more restrictive on the 2nd Amendment than other Circuits, we are primed for a SCOTUS showdown.
Our appeal must b efiled no later than May, State must respond by June, we can reply again in August.
We knew a loss at the Federal District was possible due to past history, but from the beginning we’ve planned to keep fighting this all the way to the end.
7:40 Brief Open Forum
7:46 Special Guest – Ron Wilcox
Congressional Coordinator for Republican Party
7:52 Special Guest – Peter Lumaj
Candidate for Secretary of State
8:00 Special Guest – Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti
Candidate for CT Governor
8:25 Break
8:40 Special Guest – State Rep. Penny Bachiocci
Candidate for Lieutenant Governor
8:45 Special Guest – Noah Enslow
Running for 42nd State Congressional District
8:49 Special Guest – State Senator Joe Markley
9:06 Closing words