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In order to make information regarding CCDL’s finances more readily available to those that cannot attend our meetings, the Connecticut Citizens Defense League will make available the following information.

1. Current IRS form 990 available to anyone upon written request
2. Most recent copy of the Litigation Fund Activity Report – available to CCDL Members ONLY.

Requests for information must be in writing or email to All documents will be sent without comment and we will not entertain further questions or requests for additional information.


Meeting Minutes Sep 2014

General Meeting Minutes – 2014-09-09
7:06 Open Meeting
7:12 Executive Reports – President
Communicated with Attorneys and 2A candidates
Participated in media interviews and fielded e-mails.
Conducted an executive meeting in Middletown
Worked on 1st round of endorsement
7:13 Executive Reports – Vice President
Delivered the non-perishable food donations to the Bridgeport Rescue Mission
Picked up, delivered, and hauled more picnic stuff than can be listed
Arrived at the park at 7:30 to empty vehicle and start setup.
Gave remaining bread from picnic to BRM
Execuive Members put together a thank you letter to the Stratford Chief of Police for the great way his officers handled the ‘man with a gun’ call. VP printed and mailed the letter.
Ordered new return address labels for all shipping and mailing needs.
Interviewed for an article in the CT Post
Attended the Executive Member Meeting.
Arnie at CT Sporting Arms donated $300 from his customer
7:16 Executive Reports – Secretary
Attended picnic and executive member meeting
7:16 Executive Reports – Treasurer
Attended meetings including the endorsements
Operations Fund
Income: $9,059
Expenses: $9,195
Total donations received: $533k
Legal Fees to date: $363k
Fundraising costs: $13k
Other costs and fees: ~$2k
7:22 Coordinator Reports – Membership
Designed and ordered poker run t-shirts and bandannas
15,264 members
531 new this month
7:23 Coordinator Reports – Events
Hunting and Fishing Show contract has been set up.
Anniversary dinner will be sometime in February or March
7:24 Fundraising
Poker run coming up on 9/27. Starting in Woodbridge ending at the Cadillac Ranch.
$20 for riders, $15 for passengers. $15 if you show up at Cadillac Ranch only for the festivities.
NSSF donated 300 gift bags for the first entrants.
Volunteers needed for 9/27 and to hand out flyers for cruise and bike nights.
Biks/cars/other vehicles are welcome!
7:32 Coordinator Reports – Permit Issues
Almost out to 2017 for hearings
Some of the Constructive Denials are being flushed out
Stuff is going on in Neighboring States regarding keeping permit info private. We need to stay vigilant on it.
Neet to support pro-2A candidates with your time and tell your friends.
There is a no guns = no business effort we should support
7:38 Lucky Target Shoot
Saturday November 8th @ Branford Gun Club
Pie shoot:
$2/slice – 15 slices be sheet
prize is a $15 gift card
On each sheet, slice with the most shots wins the gift card
Line Shoot:
10 spots at a time. Card with the most holes in each line wins
Also, come shoot trap – $5/25 shots
Pistol range will be open, too.
7:44 New Haven Sportsmen’s Club Monthly donation
New Haven Sportsmen’s Club has decided to donate $1,000 per month for 12 months to the CCDL Litigation effort.
7:45 Special Guest – Sean Cleary, CT GOP
(Tom Foley Campaign)
Come help good candidates at one of the CT GOP campaign offices to phone bank for candidates.
Sean is asking to donate 5 hours to make 250 phone calls.
7:50 CT Black Republicans and Conservatives – Regina Roundtree
Hosting a forum in Hartford Oct. 11, 9a-noon at the Mark Twain Museum
Within the urban community we often talk about gun violence but not the 2nd Amendment
Ken Blackwell and other 2A proponent speakers to talk to the community
Reaching out to faith organizations and non-profits to include then a conversation
“Negro and the gun” author will be there signing books.
7:55 Senate Race Effort – Tom Scott
Anti-gun groups have been quietly organizing people across the state
You don’t need to know anything about campaigns to help. Just show up and offer to help. Campaigns know how to do this
Quinnepiac Poll coming out. Don’t be encouraged and don’t be discouraged.
Possible coming legislation if pro-2A candidates lose:
– Registration of everything
– Microstampiung
– “Smart” guns
– $3,000-$4,000 liability policy for gun owners under penalty of felony
Emails are great, but call people to encourage other to get involved.
8:05 Announcements
Hat city Friends of the NRA Banquet
8:08 Candidates Speaking to Members
Lori Hopkins-Cavanaugh – 2nd US Congressional District
Ruben Rodriguez – State Rep. 72nd House District
Charlie Ferraro – State Rep. 117th House District
Jesse McLaughlin – State Rep. 35th House District
Linda Szynkowicz – State Rep. 33rd House District
Richard Lion – State Rep. 9th House District
Andrew Lockwood – State Rep. 39th House District
Rob Kwasnicki – State Rep. 59th House District
Whit Osgood – State Senate 4th Senate District
Pam Staneski – State Rep. 119th House District
Art Linares – State Senate 33rd Senate District
Karl Shehu – State Senate 15th Senate District
Devin Carney – State Rep. 23rd House District
8:42 Craig Fishbein
CT Bar Association had a petition to join with the Brady Campaign’s Amicus Brief against our lawsuit. The vote came down to a statistical tie and therefore died. One of Craig’s interns joined the CBA just to vote against the proposal.
On CT Capitol Report notice the story of Malloy and CCSU at Yale and CCSU talking to young democrats.
Candidates need to see you involved. It’s encouraging.
Put a sign in your yard. Perception makes a lot in an election.
We need to work hard. Write letters to the editor.
This is the most important election
8:47 Announcements
Chris Conte will be here next month to give a litigation update.
Timeframe for oral arguments _estimated_ for January.
8:52 Close of meeting.