Meeting Minutes Apr 2015

General Meeting – 2015-04-14
7:05 Start of meeting

7:10 President’s Report
Communicated with Attorney
Communicated with Media
Communicated with Legislators on gun bills
Testified on gun bills
Fielded e-mails

7:11 Vice President’s Report
Brought the food donations to the Bridgeport Rescue Mission
Received a donation for $500 from Arnie at CT Sporting Arms on behalf of his customers
Received a donation for $300 from a customer at CT Sporting Arms

7:12 Treasurer’s Report
Received the last of the 12 monthly $1,000 donations from New Haven Sportsman’s Club
Income: $21,343
Expenses: $11,387
Total Litigation Donations: $591k
Total Litigation fees to date: $511k

7:15 Membership
17,745 total members

7:16 Fundraising
We’ll be holding the Poker Run again this year. Details to follow.

7:17 Open Forum
DB: If you have an Idea to help the organization or raise money, ask permission and put it together yourself. CCDL execs can help but they can’t do everything. I put on frequent shoots with my club to raise money. You can do it too.
DH: Working on a modification to existing ARs to make them CT legal based of previous CT legal AR design.

7:24 Special Guest – Chris Fields, King 33
New 360* shoot house, the only one in New England.
King 33 will be holding a CCDL Fundraising Shoot. Details are still being worked out.
King 33 is a Training Center not a gun range.

7:33 Special Guest – Christian Ragosta, NRA Grass Roots Field Coordinator
His district covers NY,CT, and NJ. Wants to educate on safety, promote politeness and facts.
He’ll be going to gun shows and stores letting people know the NRA hasn’t given up on CT. Pushing people to vote.
E-mail Chris with local events and he’ll attend if he can.
Chris will be at the Ye CT Gun Guild Gun Show @ the Middletown Elks Lodge.

7:48 Break

8:02 Permit issues
Keep up on your appeals. Don’t let them linger.
60 days after submittin the application, file an appeal if you haven’t heard back. Form is available on the BPFE website.
The Lazurek case started out as an Open Carry case, but now the state just doesn’t like that he got his permit back. Got a stay to carry while at work, but not while off duty.

8:05 S.B.650 and H.B.6848
Judiciary passed 2 bills out of committee. Both on Temporary Restraining Orders. Voted on party lines
2 Amendments were made:
– Police officers subject to a TRO get a hearing in 5 days instead of 14 days
– Allow revoked permit after TRO expires to be immediately returned
No wording yet on those amendments so we don’t have any details
Contact Ray for details on sending Thank You cards to legislators that voted against the bills.
At this point in session, only e-mail your representatives. E-mails from non-constituents will likely be filtered out. Phone calls are even better.
Snail mail is a good way to contact your legislator, particularly if you hand-write the envelope. If you sent an e-mail, you can follow up by tweaking it a little and mailing a copy via the post office.
You may be able to meet your legislator in your district, or request to meet in their office in Hartford. If they’re too busy, ask to meet with an aide
Women speaking out on these bills will hold considerably more weight than men.
Keep up to date on these bills by following them on our blog:

8:35 Legislative Pointers

[Note: This presentation was given by a CCDL Member, but the statements made aren’t necessarily CCDL endorsed]

10 Democrats voted against S.B. 1160 in the house. 8 are still there. One of the other was replaced by a stronger pro-2A representative. We need 12 Democrats to vote with us on this.
Representatives may not read all e-mails, but they count them.
Reach out to the leadership. New leaders in both houses. We need Republican leaders to keep caucus together against these bills.
Reach out to your local RTC. They have pull with legislators and you don’t need to be a Town Committee member to talk to the local chair.
Contact State Central and let them know you oppose these bills.
Be sensitive about how they may be beaten up for an opposition vote on these bills.
Winning is every anti-gun provision of the bills being stripped out.

8:50 Final Notes
It’s been more than 4 months since the oral arguments. We’re checking daily for a decision but haven’t seen anything yet.
Tim McGraw signed onto Sandy Hook Promise to oppose gun rights at a benefit

8:52 Close of Meeting


Contact Legislators

Action Alert:

Contact Your Legislators, Input is Critical

Immediate Action is Needed on the Following Bills:
Governor’s Bill 6848
Senate Bill 650

Emails, phone calls and/or personal visits can go along way to defeating these pieces of proposed legislation.  Tell your elected official to oppose both of these Bills.
These Bills passed out of the Judiciary Committee as Joint Favorable and could be voted on very soon!
They violate Due process of law. A right which is protected under the 14th amendment of the US Constitution and also Article 1 Sec 7 of the Connecticut State Constitution.
If either of these laws are passed, Connecticut citizens who have even a Temporary Restraining Order (ex parte) filed against them will not have an opportunity to be heard by a judge before firearms and ammunition are seized.
For more information on these Bills and Calls for actions by CCDL pertaining to these Bills, please see our blog.
Find and Contact your legislators.