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CCDL firmly believes in responsible gun ownership over arbitrary and unconstitutional laws and regulations. This includes using good judgement (not mandatory storage laws) to keep guns out of the hands of unauthorized people.

We are proud to announce that CCDL is now a supporter organization for Project ChildSafe’s campaign to promote voluntary safe handling and storage of firearms. You can join us in committing to firearm safety & responsibility and sign their “Own it? Respect it. Secure it.” pledge today:

Visit the Project ChildSafe website for other ways you can get involved.



Meeting Minutes Sep 2015

General Meeting – 2015-09-08

7:04 Open meeting with national anthem and pledge

7:08 Opening word from President Scott Wilson
It’s important to get involved in local municipal elections. Be active and know the stances of candidates because first selectmen, zoning boards, etc. have some level of control over our right to keep and bear arms.

7:10 Executive Report – President
Communicated with attorney and the media.
Wrote a blog post about the home invasion in Hartford
Fielded emails from members and helped with various issues.
Held an executive member meeting at our new office.
Distributed Poker Run flyers

7:12 Executive Report – Treasurer
Last month’s Income: $3,187
Last month’s expenses: $3,971
Total Litigation Donations: $607k
Total Litigation fees to date: $564k

7:16 Executive Report – Secretary
After the loss of two of our founding members, we’ve all had to step up and filling where we can. Chris L. and Kevin have been keeping the website up to date and fixing problems as they come up.

7:17 Coordinator Report – Memberhsip
245 new this month
19,001 total members!
Shirts for the poker run and family picnic have been received.
Putting together a membership committee to set up booths and such at state fairs and other events around the state. If you’re interested in volunteering, contact Cheryl at

7:20 Coordinator Report – Events
Attended the exec. meeting.
Did work from the picnic and the hunting and fishing show.
9/19 is our free family picnic at Boothe Memorial Park in Stratford. Feel free to bring a side dish. Games and door prizes. We’ll need volunteers to cover the grill and clean up. (contact Chris –
9/26 is our 2nd Amendment Poker Run. We need more volunteers (contact Ray – ).

7:23 Coordinator Report – Permit Issues
Good news: appeals are slowing down, possibly because people are standing up for themselves against unreasonable towns. The rate has slowed; under the previous rate we would have extended the backlog to the end of 2017, but it’s currently holding at 2 years.
The board gives a special designation (and shorter time table) for Constructive Denials, cases where the town is taking longer than the required 8 weeks to issue a permit. The constructive denial process is helping keep owns honest. Most of these cases are resolved before getting to the hearing.

7:26 Merchandise
We’ve got a bunch of $5 items we’re trying to get rid of. And our usual. We’ll have all of our merchandise available at the family Picnic as well as special picnic themed shirts. We’ll have our poker run shirts available at the poker run the following week.
We’ve had requests for different types of items (hoodies, polos, etc.) We’re working on a new web store that will let us handle these items for pre-order, as well as our current catalog.

7:29 Justin Zito on behalf of Cabinets Kwik
Cabinets Kwik is donating an in-wall concealment safe made of reinforced steel to the Poker Run.

7:32 Woodbridge Firearm Ordinance Update
Back in June, Attorney Martha Dean let us know about an ordinance in Woodbridge that basically prohibits the carrying of a loaded firearm anywhere on town property (including the streets). She’s been pushing them to change the law for months and the Town Council finally agreed it’s unenforceable and plans to change it, but they haven’t done anything yet.
The Town Council is sending Martha a Draft of the updated language soon. A special meeting of the Board of Selectmen will happen next week to discuss the change. A following meeting of the Board of Selectman will take place after that to take action.
No action is required yet, but Attorney Dean is looking for people from Woodbridge and the surrounding area to be on standby should we need to make a showing at one of the meetings. If you’d like to be added to the list, please contact Kevin –

7:37 Open Forum

7:45 #IAmCCDL Project
Several Years Ago the Twin Cities Gun Owners and Carry Forum put together a video showing what average Minnesotan Gun Rights Supports look like.
A few years ago, the Virginia Citizens Defense League (who we modeled ourselves after) put out their own video inspired by the original ‘And I Carry’ video.
We want to expand on that idea. We’re going to start taking volunteer members from all walks of life during our picnic and add on to it. We’ll set up a special website and start pushing our campaign to show the public the real face of CCDL, not what some Hartford Courant Cartoonist wants to portray us as.

8:05 Poker Run Update
Saturday 9/26 is our 2nd Amendment Poker Run. (What is a Poker Run?)
Our Poker Run starts at Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post and ends at the Cadillac Ranch in Southington. There will be 3 stops in between.
We need more volunteers at Woodbridge and Cadillac Ranch. Volunteers get free food and a free t-shirt. (contact Ray – ).
We have a number of good prizes: a leaf blower, suppressor, firearms trust services, etc.
Screamin Eagles Band will be providing the music

8:10 Legislative Shoot
We’ve put together an invite-only clay target shoot for the legislators and their aides. This is completely an informational event, no media or politics. We sent out around 290 invitations.
The goal is to introduce legislators to firearms, firearm safety, and have some fun.

8:12 Plymouth Gun Range
There will be a hearing on September 10th. Prepare to Act will just be asking for an extension as they’ve just added additional counsel and need more time.
Plymouth does let out-of-towners speak at their public hearings. They also accept letters if you’d rather not speak.
If you have any questions about the process or what’s going on, contact Ray – He’s got a FAQ sheet and the application documents.
Plymouth is kind of unique in that they have an ordinance that covers gun clubs.
A lot of you have contacted us about this issue. We are monitoring the situation and in close contact with Prepare to Act.

8:32 Sporting Clays Fundraiser to benefit Litigation Fund
On October 11, 2015 the Guilford Sportsman’s Association will be hosting a sporting clays fun shoot to raise money for the CCDL Litigation Fund. It starts at 9:00am. $40/shooter. Please pre-register if possible.
Any questions about the event please contact Dave Bicknell from the Guilford Sportsman’s Association at (203) 500-4169 or via Facebook.

8:39 WLOPA Ladies Day
Not a CCDL related event, but if you know a woman interested in learning to shoot,
Wolcott Land Owners Protective Association (WLOPA) is hosting a “Ladies Day” Sept 12th, 9am at their club. Wives, sisters, mothers, aunts, nieces, lady friends etc. are invited for a fun day of shooting. Guns, ammo and lunch will be provided by the club, and a nominal fee of $10 to cover costs is required. Contact Greg Gubitosi with questions or to register:

8:40 Close of meeting


Annual 2nd Amendment Poker Run

On Saturday September 26, 2015 CCDL will again be hosting a poker run to raise money for our Litigation Fund.
Once again the ride will start at Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post and end at the Cadillac Ranch in Southington, where we’ll have a HUGE after-party. Both motorcycles and cars are welcome to participate in the run, and EVERYONE is welcome to attend the after-party whether you ride or not.

The run begins at Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post located at 28 Selden St. in Woodbridge. Registration is from 9:30-10:30am and the cost will be $20 per rider or driver and $15 per passenger and includes the after-party. At Woodbridge Firearms you will be given directions to various locations. At each location you will pick a playing card from a deck. The route will be the same as last year, and you can expect to drive about 50-75 miles total, and it will finish at the Cadillac Ranch located at 45 Jude Ln, Southington. Prizes will be awarded at the end for the top five poker hands.

If you just want to attend the party and not participate in the poker run, admission will be $15 per person payable at the door. Admission includes food and entertainment. Drinks are extra.

We’ll have special 2015 CCDL Poker Run shirts and bandanas for sale at both the start and the finish. Quantities are limited, when they are gone, that’s it.

All net proceeds go to the CCDL Litigation Fund to fight for our 2nd Amendment rights and overturn Connecticut’s anti-gun laws.

Sponsors include: Haymond Law, Connecticut Cruise News, Cadillac Ranch, C&D Arms Supply, Yankee Harley Davidson, The Outpost Guns & Ammo, Connecticut Sporting Arms, Ceglarz Motor Repair and Sales, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, and Woodbridge Firearms.

To save time on the day of the ride, you may fill out and print the registration form in advance and bring it with you. Registration Form (pdf)

For more info: please email:

Last year’s ride was the largest poker run in the state! Let’s make it and even greater success this year.

CCDL Poker Run Postcard

2015 Poker Run Shirt

2015 Poker Run Shirt – front


Meeting Minutes Aug 2015

General Meeting – 2015-08-11

7:10 Start of meeting

Two founding members of CCDL have decided to step down: VP Lenny and Technology Coordinator Virginia. CCDL thanks them for their service over the last six years.


President’s Report

Communicated with Attorney

Communicated with Media

Communicated with Legislators on gun bills

Held an executive member meeting

Handed out poker run flyers


Treasurer’s Report

Thanks to Connecticut Sporting Arms for donating $300 this month

Last month’s Income: $1,853

Last month’s expenses: $1,603

Total Litigation Donations: $606k

Total Litigation fees to date: $564k



18,756 total members

281 new this month

Poker Run shirts will be available at the Picnic and the Poker Run next month



Anniversary dinner will be held on 2/20/16

Hunting and Fishing show is coming up in Feb. at the CT Convention Center. We’ll have a bigger booth and be selling merchandise this year.

9/19 is our free family picnic at Boothe Memorial Park in Stratford. Feel free to bring a side dish. Games and door prizes.

9/26 is our 2nd Amendment Poker Run. We need more volunteers (contact Ray –


Legislative update

October we’re holding a Legislative Clay Shoot. Inviting all Legislators and their aides.

We’re helping out ‘Prepare to Act’, but will likely be limiting our rallying to Plymouth residents.

No legislative updates.

Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post is asking for donations to help pay their lawyer costs. They had a break-ing that caused significant structural damage and the landlord tried evicting them. They’ve set up a Go Fund Me account ( Mike at Woodbridge has helped us immensely over the years. It would be great if our members could help them out.



Buy our stuff!



Chris and Kevin have been making some minor changes. We’re working on some significant improvements.

Special Guest – Nanette Dieterle – CT Chapter of Well Armed Women

30,000 women with permits. 1% actually train.

Get women to join CCDL

King 33 will be host range for training

Do what you can to support shooting community

Not-for-profit advocating safe friendly fun.

1st Monday of every month (except September 16th) evening 6-9 pm at King 33 in Southington.


Special Guest – Holly Sullivan – Sheepdog Mamas

Young-moms with small kids – support system – pro-2a meetups


Welcome to:

Representative Mike France – 42nd District

Attorney Martha Dean

Andy Lockwood – Candidate for 39th House District


Presentation by Representative Doug Dubitsky, CCDL Legislator of the Year


Final notes from President Scott Wilson

You need to get invovled in your local elections

No update on Shew v. Malloy lawsuit yet.


Meeting Minutes July 2015

General Meeting – 2015-07-14

7:07 Meeting opens with National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance

7:11 Executive Reports – President

Slow month besides holding an executive meeting, fielding the usual e-mails, and communicating with our Attorneys about the lawsuit.

7:11 Executive Reports – Vice President

Attended the executive member meeting and prepared the certificate for our Legislator of the Year.

Dropped our monthly food donations off to Bridgeport Rescue Mission
Reminder: The Elks lodge where we hold our monthly meetings prefers that our meetings be concealed carry only. Please respect their wishes by not open carrying at the meeting.

7:12 Executive Reports – Treasurer
Total Monthly Expenses: 4,397
Total Monthly Income: 2,589
Total Litigation Donations to Date: 604,000
Total Ligitation Expenses to Date: 564,000

7:12 Executive Reports – Secretary
Personal appeal:
Our efforts at the Legislature this year would not have been possible without the tireless work of Ray Bevis. The executive members already ‘rewarded’ him by forcing him to become the Legislative Coordinator, but I felt we should try to do something more. That opportunity came up when the Hartford Yard Goats announced they were soliciting names for their new mascot. I thought what better tribute than immortalizing Ray as a Minor League baseball team mascot. So please go to, and submit your vote for ‘Ray’.

7:20 Coordinator Reports – Membership
18475 total
293 new this month

7:20 Coordinator Reports – Events
Annual Family Picnic – September 19th, 11-4 at Boothe Memorial Park, 5800 Main St. – Putney in Stratford, Connecticut.
We need volunteers. Please email Chris to help out,

Poker Run – September 26th. Starting at Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post on Sheldon Street in Woodbridge.
We need volunteers for Woodbridge, Waterbury, Southington. Volunteers get a free t-shirt and admission to the after party. E-mail Ray to help out,

7:27 Coordinator Reports – Permit Issues
Some changes with regard to illegal drug possession and permits due to the change made during this session. We won’t know the effects of this for about 9 months when those cases start coming up for a hearing at the Board of Firearm Permit Examiners and we see how it plays out.
There will be a form letter available for permit applicants who want to dig in their heels and not provide the extra information some towns are requiring.
Backlog is currently almost two and a half years. Don’t let this discourage you from filing an appeals, especially when the town is delaying beyond 8 week state mandate (Constructive Denial). Constructive Denial cases are often sped up to as little as 5 months.

7:37 Special Guest – Aaron from Alpha Dog Suppressors in Southbury, CT
Alpha Dog Suppressors is graciously donating a suppressor to our CCDL raffle. If you win the suppressor, you would need to apply for a tax stamp. (Alpha Dog Suppressors can help with the paperwork but you are responsible for paying the $200 tax stamp).
For CT residents that purchase an Alpha Dog Suppressor, Alpha Dog Suppressors will help you with the paperwork and pay the tax stamp fee for you.

7:57 Special Guest – Daria Novak, Candidate for the 2nd US Congressional District
Website should be available end of July 2015:

8:20 Break

8:37 Open Forum
Question came up about the new show your permit law. Despite what the Waterbury Republican-American reported, thre needs to be ‘reasonable suspicion’ of a crime for a police officer to demand to see your permit. Open carrying of a firearm is not sufficient. in and of itself, to require a permit to be shown.

8:44 Local Elections
There are three CCDL members running for local elected positions. Town committees will be meeting later this month to nominate their candidates that will be running in November:
– Tom Pietrini for Southbury Board of Selectmen
– Bob Ferguson for Weston Board of Finance
– Tony D’Amato for Bristol, District 1, City Council
If you know of other pro-2a candidates for local elections, please email Ray –

8:48 Close of meeting


Meeting Minutes June 2015

General Meeting – 2015-06-09

7:08 Meeting opens with National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance

7:11 Executive Reports – President

Communicated with our attorney, media, radio interviewers, and legislators.

Fielded emails from members.
Attended an awards dinner with legislators.
Attended the Friends of NRA dinner in Groton

7:12 Executive Reports – Vice President

Attended the executive member meeting.

Secured the site for the annual Picnic. September 19th at Boothe Memorial Park.
Delivered the food to the Bridgeport Rescue Mission.
Got a check from Arnie at CT Sporting Arms who’s customers donated $300.
7:13 Executive Reports – Treasurer
Total Monthly Expenses: 3,158
Total Monthly Income: 2,142
Total Litigation Donations to Date: 602,000
Total Ligitation Expenses to Date: 511,000

7:16 Coordinator Reports – Membership
18182 total
Approximately 500 new this month

7:17 Coordinator Reports – Events

Attended the Executive member meeting

Working on plans for our annual dinner in February
Did some work for the Hunting and Fishing show.
Annual Family Picnic – September 19th from 11-4 at Boothe Memorial Park in Stratford. Going to need help and will solicit volunteers in August. Need raffle items. Contact Chris –

7:18 Coordinator Reports – Fundraising
We’re light on events this year. Waiting on a decision from the 2nd Circuit.
3rd Annual Poker Run coming up. Last year we had 350 participants which made it the largest in Connecticut after only 2 years. It’s going to be held September 26th, starting at Woodbridge. Need more sponsors at $500, $750, or $1000 levels. Sponsors will be included on some level of ads.
7:22 Coordinator Reports – Permit Issues

If you are having ANY issues with the permit process, don’t hesitate to email Jonathan –

Most likely will be a pistol permit appeal workshop on the 25th at Hoffman’s. There is no backlog on background checks. Don’t believe what you’re told.

7:24 Coordinator Reports – Merchandise
Buy stuff!

7:25 Open Forum
Martha Dean: There’s a letter to Woodbridge asking to repeal the hunting ordinance. There’s a willingness to litigate if they don’t. No need to contact the Town of Woodbridge and make a big deal about this. It’s being handled.

7:26 Legislative Update
The legislative session is over. Here are some stats:
– 37 gun bills were proposed, not all were bad, some were positive
– 5 of those 37 made it to a public hearing
– 600+ people submitted written testimony on those 5 bills
– 61% (or 406) written testimonies were from CCDL members
– On SB650 alone, 100+ CCDL members wrote testimony.
– That makes up 68% of the total testimony written on SB650
There’s still a lot going on behind the scenes. SB 650 could come up during teh special session but probably won’t. 2nd Chance Society bill likely will come up and there’s some language we need to watch there. An alert will go out if needed.

The language would require you to show your permit if a police officer has a reasonable suspicion of a crime and requests it. The original language didn’t include the reasonable suspicion provision. Lots of testimony from members and hard work from friendly legislators got the better language.

We’re going to be holding a legislative clay target shoot in Octobers for Legislators to meet CCDL executives.
We’re also going to be holding legislative workshops at various gun clubs this year to prepare for next legislative session.

7:45 Break

8:01 Martha Dean
We need to keep things in perspective. CCDL members are people of integrity. CCDL grew from 2,500 people prior to Sandy Hook to 18,000 today.
CCDL is unique in fighting for gun rights. They had a system in place even before the push for gun control after Sandy Hook.
A decision in the 2nd Circuit is imminent and it’s likely to not be in our favor. Even if we get a bad decision in the 2nd Circuit and we get denied Cert. by the Supreme Court, we have a force within striking distance if a tide change starts and can really move it along.

8:05 Special Guest: Chris Conte of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action
Court watchers tell us the 2nd Circuit averages 6 months to reach a decision.
This should mark. not the end, but the midpoint of the fight.
2nd, 4th, and 9th Circuits all have active cases.
The CT and NY cases are not exactly alike.
Summary of some cases from least likely to be granted Cert to Most likely
Fyock v Sunnyvale: Complete and total ban on 10+ round mags, no grandfather clause. Counsel tried to pursue an injunction which was rejected all the way up the chain to Justice Kennedy. [Secretary’s Note: Not a single person turned in a banned magazine. 🙂]
– Colorado Outfitters v. Hickenlooper – Ban on 15+ round magains and contains a grandfather clause. The appeals briefs are just finishing up. No arguments scheulded. The district judge said magazines are protected under the 2nd Amendment, but AR15s aren’t because they resemble M16s.
– The 4th Circuit case [Sec. Note: I didn’t capture the case name, sorry] out of Maryland: Got a good panel for arguments. Argued back in March and should get the decision soon. One of the Judges on the Panel asked if the gun in his nightstand was protected by the 2nd Amendment. The AG said it was probably protected. The Judge asked then why isn’t the AR15.

– Friedman v. Highland Park Illinois: banning black guns. The opinion was awful for the 2nd Amendment. The opinion *might* be bait for the Surpreme Court to take the case. David Thompson is the lead attorney on this case. [Sec. Note: Atty. Thompson argued our case in the 2nd Circuit]

A conflict in the Circuit increases the chances of the Supreme Court granting cert.
All pending cases will b erelvant in any Supreme Court case.
There are a lot of similarities, but some major difference in the Maryland case:
– What is the standard of review? Virtually all circuits are at odds w/ Heller in balancing test.
– Does the 2nd Amendment apply to a ban on guns in common use for lawful purposes?
– If so, what standard of review?
– Based on chosen standard, how dos it apply to the statute?
CT and NY cases stands at a crossroads. These cases are the Lexington and Concord of our time. I’m proud to stand with you on this.

8:23 Special Guest: Christian Regosta – Grassroot Coordinator NRA
District covers NY, CT, ad New Jersey.
When residents write, call, and email legislators it makes a real difference.
We need to keep education people on guns.
Looking for people to be local campaign coordinators. Both to find and help get good legislators elected.
Going to be setting up 2A activist centers in gun shops and supply then with 2A bumper stickers.
Holding an NRA even @ King 33 on June 11th @ 7pm. Armed Citizen stories from CT and show off King 33.

8:31 Special Guests: Representatives Rob Sampson and Doug Dubitsky
We did will stopping bills so far. Anti-gun activists are harrasing the media to try an revive the domestic violence bill during the special session.
We have to b evigilant and make sure thos elegislator know we’ll remember at the polls next November.
A lot of time ‘strike-all’ amendments come without letting people read the amendment before voting on it. The 2nd Chance Society bill was one of those and it reduces virtually all drug crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. The bill would affect the ability to purchase if convicted of a very minor drug offense (e.g. possessing perscription drugs withou having a perscription on you) and even from possessing.
Legislative lawyers spent many hours with Governor’s office to convince them of the problem. In the end they agreed to back off and fix the language.
We need more friendly legislators up there. Need CCDL to get more good guys in office.
The republicans need to have one house. A handful of friendly legislators can’t do it alone.

8:45 Special Guest: Tom King – NY State Rifle and Pistol Association
NYSRPA is the largest NRA-affiliated group in the nation. 2nd oldest 2A group in the world.
NY doesn’t have public hearings on their bills so all lobbying is done behind closed doors.
We can’t give up. You’re not just 18,000 members, you’ve got the support of 40,000+ NYSRPA members.
ideally we have to win these cases, bu there are legislative alternatives. The NY Senate passed a bill repealing 6 sections of the SAFE Act. Thanks to friendly legislators. The Republicans have a 1 seat minority and 3 democrats crossed the aisle to vote for the repeal. You need to work on building coalitions. It’s hard work and you need to put in sweat equity as well.
Sunday July 12th, NYSRPA is having our annual meeting. There will be a concealed carry woman’s fashion show. Women ages 21->82 will be modelling varous concealed carry gear.

8:55 Close of meeting


Meeting Minutes May 2015

General Meeting Minutes – 2015-05-12

7:12 Meting opened with National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance
Opening remarks by President Scott
Court ruling on the Shew vs Malloy should be coming very soon.
President checks the website everyday for a ruling
Our lawyer(s) are scheduled to be at our June Meeting
Ray Bevis has been appointed as Legislative Coordinator

Executive Report – Vice President
Food bank donation delivery
Thank you to everyone who brought in food to be donated
We have a new website sponsor for $100/month
If there are 2a business interested in advertising with CCDL, contact Lenny

Executive Report – Treasurer

Total Monthly Expenses: 1,600
Total Monthly Income: 883

Total Litigation Donations to Date: 599,000
Total Ligitation Expenses to Date: 511,000

Coordinator Report – Membership
Total membership was up over 18,000
After deleting duplicate and triplicate entries, we are currently at 17,500

Coordinator Report – Events
Our annual dinner date and location is set for Feb. 2016
We will have a Family Picnic at Booth Memorial Park in Stratford, CT TBD
The picnic is family, dog, carry friendly and is free
CCDL will once again have a booth at the 2016 Fishing & Hunting show

Coordinator Report – Fundraising
Unfortunately Bob has a prior commitment. Ray giving report
The 2016 Poker Run date is set for Sept. 26th, 2016
We are still looking for sponsors for the event contact Bob
Flyer and volunteers info will be available at the next meeting

Coordinator Report – Legislative Update
There are 21 days left to the 2015 legislative session
Two Bills are scheduled to be voted on S.B. 650 & H.B. 6848
Both bills are on the Calendar Call list
We need to contact legislators by phone
Ask your Sen/Rep if they believe victims of domestic violence should be able to
protect themselves from their abuser because these bills will disarm victims.
More info can be found under the file section of the CCDL Facebook GROUP page
A Legislator Trap Shoot is being planned for fall more info forthcoming

Coordinator Report – Pistol Permit Issues
The Scott Lazurek open carry case had oral arguments and a decision should be coming soon
Everytown for gun sense released a new ‘gun safety advocate’ video

Open Forum
Gun Show this Saturday 5/16/15 in Orange, CT at American Legions, $5
Contact Dave Bicknell if interested in shooting in Guilford or Branford, open to the
public and trap shoot are $5/non-members

Close of meeting


It’s Almost Time For A Picnic!

Just a few weeks away! On Saturday, September 19th CCDL will once again host our Annual Family Picnic at Boothe Memorial Park – 5800 Main Street on Putney, Stratford, CT.

We’ll supply the burgers, hotdogs, soft drinks (no alcohol allowed in the park) and condiments. You can bring the family, the chips, dip, or whatever side dish (and a utensil to serve it) you’re most famous for making, and some lawnchairs or a blanket to sit on. (Helpful hint: write your name on a piece of masking tape and attach it to your bowls/spoons/etc so you are sure to get them back)

This is a FREE event for CCDL members and their families. Bring some cash, we’ll have our usual merchandise for sale as well as a special shirt just for this event. We’ll also be raffling off lots of prizes. (The more raffle items the better, if you would like to donate something to the raffle, that would be great! contact Chris Duffy and let him know. It doesn’t have to be gun-related or expensive, anything legal that other people might like.)

So come to Boothe Memorial Park and enjoy the day with other CCDL members. Bring blankets, chairs, and your family. Come have a good time, relax, and celebrate our right to keep and bear arms. Come and get to know us, and learn more about what CCDL does to protect your rights as a gun owner in the state of Connecticut.

As I said, this a family picnic. There will be horseshoes, frisbees and wiffle balls, and all sorts of games for kids young and old. There is no alcohol allowed in the park, but pets on a leash and lawful carry of firearms are permitted. Please use an appropriate holster, and keep it holstered.

When: September 19, 2015 from 11am until 4pm.
Where: Boothe Memorial Park
5774 Main St. Putney
Stratford, CT 06614

Note: Please do not park on the grass or in a handicap spot (unless you have the placard). If the parking lot is full (it’s a little small), you can park nearby on Putney Chapel Way (see the map below), and walk into the park from there. It’s actually almost as close as the parking lot, and you won’t have to walk up and down the hill.

(Click map for larger version)

Take exit 53; at end of ramp take a right; bear right (almost immediately) at next intersection onto Main St. Putney; follow ¼ mile and Boothe Park will be on your left.

Take exit 53; at end of ramp take a left; bear right at next intersection onto Main St. Putney; follow ¼ mile and Boothe Park will be on your left.

Take exit 33 and follow signs to RT 110; stay on RT 110 (East Main St.) one mile to traffic light at intersection of East Main St. and Main St.; take right onto Main St. (still RT 110); take 3rd left by bearing onto Main St. Putney (pond on left); follow for approx. ½ mile and Boothe Park will be on your right.

Take exit 38 to Merritt Parkway RT 15S and follow directions above from RT 15S.

2015 Picnic Flyer