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The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL) is a non-partisan, grass roots organization advocating for the right to keep and bear arms (RKBA) in Connecticut. Formed in 2009 and headquartered in Groton, CT the CCDL boasts almost 30,000 members statewide as of April 2018.

Q: Is the CCDL available to answer questions about firearms, laws, or current events?
A: Absolutely. Please contact and we will answer your question or point you to someone who can.

Q: I would like to talk to a member who lives in a particular town.
A: Please contact and we will do our best to find a member willing to speak with the media.

Q: Can I contact the CCDL membership directly?
A: Our membership list is not available to the public or general membership. However, in some cases it may be possible to reach our members through one of our monthly email alerts, or through an Executive Intermediary.

Q: How can I meet with the CCDL?
A: We hold a member meeting on the second Tuesday of every month at the Elk’s lodge in Middletown, CT. Generally most of the executive board attends, so this is an excellent opportunity to meet us and ask questions. We ask any media to notify us of their presence in advance.

Q: Someone claiming to be a member of the CCDL has said or done something crazy!
A: Membership to the CCDL is free and anyone can join at any time. Only executive members are authorized to act as agents for the organization. If the person is not listed on our website ( under the Contacts section it is unlikely that they are an Executive Member. Fortunately, we all respond to email very quickly and many of us are happy to give our phone numbers to the media to confirm or discuss stories like this.

Q: I heard the CCDL supports sensitive issues like open carry.
A: The CCDL supports any lawful firearm carry. Currently there is no law against visibly carrying a firearm in the state of Connecticut, provided the carrier has a valid CT pistol permit. To many people any firearm related issue is sensitive; this is exactly why the CCDL was formed: To better inform the public and legislators as to the facts, history, and statistics regarding firearms for sport, hunting, or defense.

About Us

Financial Disclosure

In order to make information regarding CCDL’s finances more readily available to those that cannot attend our meetings, the Connecticut Citizens Defense League will make available the following information.

1. Current IRS form 990 available to anyone upon written request
2. Most recent copy of the Litigation Fund Activity Report – available to CCDL Members ONLY.

Requests for information must be in writing or email to All documents will be sent without comment and we will not entertain further questions or requests for additional information.

About Us

A Welcome From Connecticut Citizens Defense League To Our New Members

This letter will explain why CCDL was founded, and the mission we intend to fulfill.


After a lot of behind the scenes preliminary work from the founding members and others who came on board shortly after our first several meetings, we have chosen a direction based on voluntary action through “hands on” participation. Additionally, following much debate, we have decided to rely on voluntary financial contributions.


If we are to grow toward our vision, we will need ideas, input and, above all, involvement from everyone at every level.  All ideas submitted during meetings are debated in committee and a consensus is then reached on future organizational structure.  We encourage everyone to attend general meetings to get a feel for how they are conducted and offer your comments.  Fresh input will be essential to becoming an effective state-wide organization commenting on issues concerning Connecticut firearms statutes.


Over the next several months, we will be asking for and identifying volunteers as committee heads to begin developing the guidelines we will use to achieve these goals:

  1. To begin a dialog with members of the Connecticut Legislature to ensure our views on firearms rights are clearly communicated.
  2. To convey contact information to members regarding laws our legislators may be introducing which could hinder or further our rights concerning firearms… The membership will then be requested to email, call or write their legislators to offer their positions on the language being proposed.
  3. To develop plans for public gatherings at appropriate locations deemed necessary to convey our message. (local and out of state)
  4. To carry the message gun ownership is a right given all citizens, in good standing, of this State.  We want the public to know it is also a right for all citizens to be responsible for and prepared to defend their lives and liberty if needed.


As CCDL grows, and we accumulate knowledge, expertise and wisdom, the “welcome message” included in this statement, will surely evolve.


It is not enough for the gun owners of Connecticut to rely solely on national organizations to defend our rights in this State. We have to become a vocal, visible and responsible organization to promote the benefits of firearms ownership to the people who may be indifferent to the rights and responsibilities we have as citizens of a magnificent free society. Please join us and become a supportive member of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League.


Carry On!


Scott Wilson Sr.

President .

CCDL, Inc.