Legal Actions

CCDL Joins Amicus In Kolbe v. Hogan (Maryland)

Today, CCDL joined a number of law enforcement and gun rights groups in filing an amicus curiae brief in the case of Kolbe v. Hogan. This is a case in Maryland that seeks to overturn their unconstitutional ban on so-called “assault weapons”.

CCDL and our members have a vested interest in this case, as any ruling by the Supreme Court in this case would have a national impact on similar gun bans; including Connecticut’s.

You can read the brief as submitted here: USSC 17-127 Amicus Brief – Kolbe v Hogan (pdf)


Private Transfers of Firearms

Transferring a firearm via the proper channels in Connecticut is really not a big deal.  This applies to family, friends, or others that live in Connecticut.  To start, both parties need the appropriate permits.

According to the DESPP web site you are required to fill out 2 forms,

The primary form you need to fill out and sign in quadruplicate is the DPS-3 form.  It is a screen-fillable PDF located here dps-3-c.pdf.

The second form is the DPS-67-C – located here dps-67-c.pdf.pdf.  This form doesn’t get sent anywhere but is supposed to be kept for 20 years.  It’s kind of an affirmation that the purchaser is not a prohibited person etc and you put the authorization number on it (so fill out the DPS-3 first).  Although none of us are likely to sell any firearm to anyone we even suspect of being prohibited, if you did that would make you a felon.  If the person passes a background check that the SFLU does when you get the authorization number it’s a duplication of effort.  

You will need to fill out the seller’s name/address/permit number, the receivers name/address/permit number the make and type of firearm, serial number, caliber and barrel length. 

Once that is done call SFLU at (860) 685-8400 and say “I have a person to person transfer” nine times out of ten they will put you on hold, when they come back they will ask for your permit number, the transferee’s permit number, they may ask to talk to them. Once they are happy you get an authorization number. Write that down!  Enter it on the DPS-3 form and print out 4 copies. Sign them all, have the transferee sign them all.

You keep one for your records,

The purchaser keeps one for their records,

The transferor (you) sends one to SFLU, and

The transferor (you) sends one to the police in the town the transferee he lives in

The best source of information for all this (and more) is on the DESPP SFLU web page located here DESPP-SFLU


CCDL Monthly Meeting – August 8th

All members are welcome and encouraged to attend

CCDL holds its monthly general membership meeting at 7:00pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Elks Lodge in Middletown, CT.

All CCDL members are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Meeting Agenda:

  • Updates on actions involving the Middletown pistol permit process
  • Updates on actions involving the New Haven pistol permit process
  • Updates on actions involving the Waterbury pistol permit process
  • Updates on actions involving the Stamford pistol permit process
  • CCDL Family Picnic (volunteers needed)
  • CCDL Poker Run (volunteers needed)
  • Soto v Bushmaster update
  • CCDL educational legislative shoot
  • Unauthorized use of CCDL logo

Avoid the wait and shipping fees! The full selection of CCDL merchandise is always for sale at our meetings, including many items not sold on our website.


Kaminsky v DESPP

Due to a recent CT court decision involving “pre-ban” types of firearms, CCDL has decided to try and address some basic concerns from those members who may own these products. At our July meeting, noted attorney Greg Miller made a PowerPoint presentation to our members. If you missed that meeting, you can now view the presentation on the CCDL Youtube channel. Please forgive the audio quality.
Video: Attorney Greg Miller on Kaminsky v. Schriro

We are still waiting on further updates.


Unauthorized Use Of CCDL Logo

It has been brought to our attention that there are people and businesses offering bootleg CCDL merchandise. While we’re thrilled CCDL is now so popular for this to happen, as a 100% FREE nonprofit organization  merchandise sales are our primary source of funds used to keep CCDL alive and fighting for YOUR rights here in Connecticut. These illegal vendors are only looking out for themselves,  essentially stealing money from your organization.

Official CCDL merchandise is sold at all meetings and events we host, as well as some other events around the state. There are also many gun stores that support CCDL and have agreed to sell our decals  with all profits going to CCDL. If you see CCDL merchandise for sale anywhere else, please let us know.

List of Stores Carrying CCDL Decals
1 Stop Tactical, Jewett City
Aces Defense, Danielson
Battlezone Exchange, Orange
Central CT Arms, Portland
Connecticut Firearms and Tactical, Orange
CT Sporting Arms, North Branford
Hoffman’s Gun Store, Newington
Newington Gun Exchange, Newington
North Atlantic Sportsman, Monroe
Sportsmen’s Outpost, Wolcott
Tactical Arms, Torrington
The Gun Store, Waterbury